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The most important things in business management

Posted by Edward - CEO on 07/06/2019

Everybody knows where you’re most likely to be told “Say ahhhhh”. For a routine medical check-up you go to the doctor. They’ll use tools to measure your temperature, check blood pressure, listen to your heart and check your lungs. The big ice-cream stick comes out and you’ll be told “Say ahhhhh”. Doctors always start by properly checking out our body’s vital signs. Everything else depends on them working properly.

They actively go through a standard series of measurements and observations. Only then can they give feedback and advise on any actions that need to be taken.

Businesses are in need of routine check-ups just as people are. It’s part of business management. And whatever the scale of your business, getting the right stuff, the stuff your business needs to have working properly, comes down to one thing, understanding the current condition.

This means business information systems to help you measure, and thus manage, the business. So what to measure.

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Employee time clock - don't miss another billable minute!

Posted by Sharnee on 23/05/2019

Managing billable time is one of the core elements of any professional services business.

So how do you and your staff keep track of the hours spent against what you've estimated or quoted on?

The answer, employee time clock within Abtrac's job management software.


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Time Management  -  Is Your Business Losing Time?

Posted by Edward - CEO on 20/05/2019

Talking with a prospective client, a director’s big concern was they were writing off too much each month. Their initial email said “Our business is leaking time”. After some discussion I suggested they meet routinely and have staff agree on expectations of how long each piece of work should take. Things will then more likely be done within agreed times and thus agreed client budgets. This could plug the leaks and reduce their write offs.

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Maybe The Best Management Advice You’ll Ever Receive

Posted by Edward - CEO on 16/04/2019

Managing Your Business

Running a business can be hard. You always have to remember it’s your business. If you’re taking advice from anyone else, take it with a healthy bit of scepticism even if they’re a ‘Trusted Advisor’.


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7 Things to Expect in your Project Management Time & Cost Software

Posted by Edward - CEO on 01/04/2019

You’ve grown your business and you’re looking for a project management software package that enables you to do more. Life’s too short to be wasting time on a system that's not delivering.

So beyond the cool graphics and seductive gizmos you don’t use anyway (that some vendors emphasise when pushing their product), here are 7 things to expect in your project management software.

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3 Issues Facing Professional Services Firms, and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Edward - CEO on 01/03/2019

It’s easy to count inventory and track sales when you’re making or selling items of stock.  How do you manage in a professional services firm selling time and expertise?

The thing with professional services firms is they don’t make stuff. They don’t sell stuff either. They sell expertise. That's their business, trying month by month like all businesses, to survive in the margin between total outgoings and total receipts. Working in this ecosystem requires business practices that inventory based systems simply don't support. They're not built for it.

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