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Are your business management systems classical beauties or creaky wrecks?

Posted by Edward - CEO on 16/01/2019

Heritage is always a tricky subject in modern cities, with one person’s culturally significant building being another person’s eyesore. It’s useful to think about your business systems in the same way, and the role of heritage in achieving the best result for your business.

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The most important things in business management

Posted by Edward - CEO on 20/12/2018

Everybody knows where you’re most likely to be told “Say ahhhhh”. For a routine medical check-up you go to the doctor. They’ll use tools to measure your temperature, check blood pressure, listen to your heart and check your lungs. The big ice-cream stick comes out and you’ll be told “Say ahhhhh”. Doctors always start by properly checking out our body’s vital signs. Everything else depends on them working properly.

They actively go through a standard series of measurements and observations. Only then can they give feedback and advise on any actions that need to be taken.

Businesses are in need of routine check-ups just as people are. It’s part of business management. And whatever the scale of your business, getting the right stuff, the stuff your business needs to have working properly, comes down to one thing, understanding the current condition.

This means business information systems to help you measure, and thus manage, the business. So what to measure.

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Top 30 Christmas gifts for employees

Posted by Sharnee on 19/12/2018

Your dedicated staff play a major role in the success of your business. And good employers reward staff with more than just a paycheck. They make them feel worthy, respected, and most importantly, valued. 

This holiday season, make sure you show your appreciation with one of the Christmas gifts for employees ideas that are unique and personalised to your staff. 

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Simple, smart tips to generate more profit

Posted by Edward - CEO on 03/12/2018

A guide to managing the money in your business.


Let's face it, you're in business to make money. If you’re not getting through the work at hand nor making as much money as you think you could be, then the first place to look is how you manage your revenue generation and your expenses. That's what this guide is all about.

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Timesheets are Your Friend

Posted by Edward - CEO on 03/12/2018

Timesheets are a digitised record of your life at work. Your own human memory simply isn’t up to it. Timesheets are your online memory booster.

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Top 4 ways to increase productivity at work

Posted by Sharnee on 09/11/2018

1. Plan out your day

Before you sift through your hundreds of new emails, voice messages and start on that task you've been putting off all week, grab your morning coffee and set out a schedule for your day. Seems simple enough but this is the number one rule to increase productivity. 

Set a timer for each of the tasks and layout when you're going to get each task done by. e.g.


8.30-8.45am - Plan day

8.45-9.45 - Reply to emails, phone call, chase up supplies

9-45-10.30 - Go over blueprints for the Jones' job

10.30-10.45 - Morning break


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