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Best employee gift ideas this Covid Christmas

Posted by Sharnee on 29/11/2021

2020 and 2021 have been the strangest years of our existence. It has flipped everything as we know it upside down and required some very ingenious improvisation. Choosing a unique and personalised Christmas gift to show your staff appreciation can be challenging enough. Throw Covid into the mix and it’s another kettle of fish. Christmas is all about togetherness and fun. And in these times of social distancing and when most people are still working from home, now more than ever it is important to look after our employees, support our customers, and aid our communities.

We’ve put together a list of personalised gift pack ideas you could arrange to be delivered to your amazing staff’s door to say a very special thanks this Covid Christmas.

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5 big marketing tips for small businesses with limited budgets

Posted by Sharnee on 12/10/2021

Don't have mega bucks to spend on marketing? Never fear, our marketing tips for small businesses are sure to get you noticed without blowing the budget.

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What makes our job management software different?

Posted by Sharnee on 12/10/2021

As you already know, Abtrac is a cloud based job management software package used by professionals who require real time job tracking software. But what really makes Abtrac so much more valuable than other packages? It is simple:

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Top 4 ways to increase productivity at work

Posted by Sharnee on 05/10/2021

1. Plan out your day

Before you sift through your hundreds of new emails, voice messages and start on that task you've been putting off all week, grab your morning coffee and set out a schedule for your day. Seems simple enough but this is the number one rule to increase productivity. 

Set a timer for each of the tasks and layout when you're going to get each task done by. e.g.


8.30-8.45am - Plan day

8.45-9.45 - Reply to emails, phone call, chase up supplies

9-45-10.30 - Go over blueprints for the Jones' job

10.30-10.45 - Morning break


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VIDEO: Why Abtrac? I'll tell you why...

Posted by Edward - CEO on 04/10/2021

We don't brag much, but on just this occasion, we'll be taking you through how Abtrac saves our customers a lot in lost time AND lost profit.

Why use Abtrac in your business? How is Abtrac different from other solutions? How does Abtrac help reduce overheads?

Ed O'Leary answers these questions and gives a little bit of insight into how Abtrac has managed to save a lot of businesses a lot in lost profit.


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Managing Your Professional Services Firm

Posted by Edward - CEO on 29/09/2021

In your professional services business, putting in place and using measures to make sure you are going the right way at the right speed is crucial. The thing is, all your business is selling is its expertise. There is no stock in the warehouse to keep an eye on, no daily till-take to cash up. You have got a finite number of people with skills to do the work each day. They are making money working for clients wanting deliverables done to as high a quality standard, as quickly as possible. Day-by-day, managing work to be done and people to do it can mean the difference between your business doing really well, or lurching from one urgent issue to the next.

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