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Successful business management: Project planning and management

Posted by Edward - CEO on 10/07/2018

Project Planning and Management

Every growing business gets to a stage where directors and managers get this feeling they’re ever so slightly ‘out of touch’. Things are too busy. It can get worse quite suddenly. Founders aren’t seeing the progress they’d hoped the business would have made across the range of jobs at hand. At the end of each week,  and at month end there is outstanding work that should have been completed.


Obtaining buy-in on expectations of work to be done by your staff is part of the recipe for success. It’s not Big Brother. It’s business management. Shying away from discussions on expectations will result in Parkinsons Law prevailing. That benefits nobody.


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There’s nothing to fear in changing your time and cost software

Posted by Pam on 26/06/2018

If you’re a time based billing professional like an architect, land surveyor, cost estimator or consulting engineer you have nothing to fear in changing your time and cost software.

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Now’s the Time to Become the Best Business Manager You Can Be

Posted by Edward - CEO on 05/04/2018

For Planners, Surveyors, Consulting Engineers, Designers, Architects, Cost Estimators, PR Agencies and others who sell their time and expertise, it could be very simple to earn more fees without increasing costs. All it needs is business management.

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The secret to increased productivity and profitability [Infographic]

Posted by Heidi on 26/02/2018

When employee engagement is lacking, more often than not it is the work systems that are at fault, not the individuals. Do you need look at your businesses systems with fresh eyes?

In the second part of our ‘Business Growth in 2018’ blog, we ask you to consider the levels of employee engagement in your company. How do you measure the productivity and profitability of your workforce?


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You want business growth in 2018? Your solution is motivation.

Posted by Heidi on 08/02/2018



As the financial markets take another dive, the focus is once again on how to make sure your business is working as smartly and as efficiently as possible. Motivation could be the key.

This is the first of two blogs where we look at how motivation must start from the top, and the impact this has on your employees …


For your company to achieve sustainable growth, workplace engagement is essential. However, according to Gallup, only 13% of employers worldwide are engaged at work. Only one in eight workers are psychologically committed to their jobs and are likely to make positive contributions to their organisations. Now, here in Australia and New Zealand we are doing ok. We have the second highest proportion of engaged workers globally at 24%. Yet that still leaves three quarters of our workforce who are not engaged or worse still, actively disengaged.

This is really going to affect your business potential in 2018

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Business Management in your Professional Services Firm

Posted by Edward - CEO on 25/01/2018

Like people, companies of all sizes come and go. The ones that live the longest actively work on their health and never take it for granted. In a professional services firm, good business management is essential.


When did you first hear of the iPhone, Android, Uber, Spotify, Kindle, Airbnb or Instagram. The answer has to be less than 10 years ago. Even Skype and Facebook are only a little older.


And when did you last hear of Kodak, Blackberry or PanAm. It might have been when you were astounded to hear of their bankruptcy.


When businesses and people take more photos, make more mobile phone calls and fly more around the globe than ever before, how did it happen to these businesses that appeared to have the world in the palms of their hands.


The answer is simple.


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