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From managing project benchmarks, to scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and reports – Abtrac streamlines forecasting and monitors progress, saving you hours of admin time easing the load you have to carry.

Project Management Software
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Getting invoices out (and paid) in less time

Invoices that fit what you and your clients need. No friction = faster payments.

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Confidence in your numbers

Quick access to useful reports and stress-free analysis for project managers, directors, and the finance team

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Keep on top of scope creep.

Budgeting, notifications and analysis at the depth you require. Shared to the people in the team

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No more mind-numbing, time-consuming repetitive tasks 

Let go of your old archaic systems that cost you ‘nothing’. They’re costing you valuable time.

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A reliable day-to-day overview of project progress

Get a clear view of the entire team, adapt and plan ahead easily. What are we up to on that job?

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Improving profit margins

With a streamlined management system, everything else falls into line. Efficient time management  +  Streamlined projects = Increased profits.

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Welcome to seamless Project Management from beginning to end.

You know the value to your business of keeping projects on track? Abtrac is the complete project management solution for professionals and enterprises who bill their time and expertise. From beginning to end, you’ll always know exactly where you stand, and what needs to be done to stay on time and on budget - and the benefits land on your bottom line.

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Who loves Abtrac?

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Cameron from Enspire Solutions | Sydney, Australia 

"The buying process was seriously easy and seamless. I did a lot testing with the trial before committing to Abtrac. I knew of Abtrac previously from a couple of colleagues who were using it in their businesses and they spoke highly of it.

We’ve found it easy to grow rapidly and scale up our business with Abtrac being an integral part of our infrastructure.

It has helped to systemise our processes, whilst adding value to our business. When new staff come on board we provide them with a welcome pack, which includes showing them core functionality within Abtrac, including how to navigate projects and other areas they need to manage. Our team are all enthusiastic Abtrac users.

It’s great to see Abtrac take on board our feedback and implement new features and functionality – a real testament to the value you provide. We appreciate being able to work closely with the team at Abtrac to our mutual advantage."

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Consulting Engineers Reviews

Myles from SurveyPlus | Sydney Australia

"After 10 years of owning a business, I've learned that my instincts and 'gut' are often correct. But having the data to either back them up or shut them up is invaluable. There's no time spent worrying about what might be happening - you already know.

No one loves the idea of filling out a timesheet, but if your systems are set up thoroughly and accurately using a provider such as Abtrac, they can be extremely simple and take only a minute or two each day. And the rewards are enormous, as most surveying firms are perfectly structured to measure their inputs and outputs extremely accurately when compared to many other professions."

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Land Surveyors + Planners Reviews

Caroline from Tennent Brown Architects | Wellington, New Zealand

"Abtrac is a very flexible software system with great customer support and loads of reporting options.
We love the accurate project costings against budgets.

It captures all data relating to a project in one place with good tracking and reporting on budgets and sub-consultant costs."

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Architects + Designers Reviews

Cilla van Heerden from Terra Consultants | Auckland, New Zealand

"Just a big thank you for such a smooth transition from the desktop version to Abtrac online. I can honestly say this was the smoothest and easiest software conversion I have ever experienced in my life. Well done. I am a big fan of ABTRAC and the support team in New Zealand is amazing!"

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Cost Estimators + Quantity Surveyors Reviews

Deborah from SBA Architects | Sydney, Australia

"I’ve just finished the invoice training session with Edward and although there was a lot to take in, I feel confident attempting the process on my own. I know the backup is superb and always at hand if & when needed. Your support is excellent – no problem too small (or large) to help with.

We have found this software not only a wonderful benefit to the company, but also so seamless to implement. You’ve taken the ‘hard work’ out of the software & thought of everything.

Thanks again, and please pass on my compliments to Edward. He deserves the accolades."

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Project Managers Reviews

Elise from Environmental Property Services | Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia

"The thing I love is the support. You ring up and there’s someone there who can help you."

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Environment Consultants Reviews

John from Risk Management Essentials | Melbourne, Australia

"Our ability to know what was happening in the business is no longer an issue and we have just appointed 3 more consultants even though the country is 50% locked down.

I would just like to mention how reliable and effective your software product is and how, with a little bit of training, easy it is to use. It is clear that it has been designed by a business person and not a code cutter.

The amendments to reports you have made for us have been terrific and my team have taken to the system and onboarded really well."

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Business Consultants Reviews
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Abtrac Complete Project Management System

No fixed contracts and no capital outlay. You simply pay a monthly subscription based on the number of employees. No hidden extras - and you can scale up or down as needed.


Stay on top of all aspects of your project with the ability to deep dive into each job

Untitled design (2) 37

Never miss another billable minute by collecting information out in the field, as it happens

Untitled design (2) 38

Plan your resources and allocate time from the moment a project is created

Untitled design (2) 39

Manage outsourced work and keep track of budgeted vs actual throughout the project

Untitled design (2) 24

Fast and efficient cash flow management with flexible and timely invoicing

Untitled design (2) 25

Discover profitability, write on-offs and more with easily generated up-to-date reporting

Untitled design (2) 41

Seamlessly connect to all popular desktop and cloud accounting software packages

Untitled design (2) 40

Manage debtor invoices and payment, plus debtor control and timely reporting

Untitled design (2) 28

Take control with Abtrac and say goodbye to disconnected spreadsheets, endless paperwork, and just-in-time project management.

Key Benefits of Abtrac

Key Benefits of Abtrac

  • Proven by thousands of companies in multiple industries, since 1999.
  • Low cost of entry with no lock-in contracts.

  • Pay as you go subscription - scale up or down as needed.

  • Know exactly where you stand with every step of the journey.

  • Connect your team from any location, keeping projects on-track.

  • Saves time and increases profit.

  • Identifies potential budget over-runs before they happen.

  • Fully compatible with all mobile devices for enterprise-wide connectivity.

  • Seamlessly manages sub-contractors and consultants

  • Quick ROI assured.

how we help you achieve more

What do I get for my money?


Tasks, Stages & Project Budgeting

Timesheets & Disbursements

Manage Sub-Contractors & Consultants

Time-Saving Features

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Forecasting and Work Scheduling Built In


Multi-Office Connectivity

Management Reports

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Online Video Training Library/Knowledge Base

Unlimited Email/Phone Support

Hourly Data Backups

Unlimited Data

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Get in touch if you’d like to discuss project management challenges you’d like to streamline.

Take control with Abtrac and say goodbye to disconnected spreadsheets, endless paperwork, and just-in-time project management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any new starter, there's always lots of questions. Here's a few answers to get you started. Abtrac also offers free support to all our customers!

Who uses Abtrac?

The project management software
Australia and New Zealand businesses trust.

Our easy to use, all-in-one package is used by a range of time based billing professionals including;

  • Architects / Architectural Designers

  • Accountants and Bookkeepers

  • Engineers

  • Cost Estimators

  • Project Managers

  • Planners

  • Pr Agencies

  • Land Surveyors

What exactly is Abtrac

In a nutshell Abtrac is a fully cloud based Project Management and Invoicing system for 'white collar' professionals who need effective real time Job Management Software.

Abtrac will help you to recover more revenue and increase your profits without the need to work longer hours nor employ more staff. Our clients freely tell us what a positive impact Abtrac makes to their ‘bottom line’.

Abtrac’s focus is on clients and contacts, projects, stages, budgets, subconsultants, time and cost recordinginvoice generation and performance reports. It’s all about identifying and managing how you earn your revenue, before it hits your back office accounting system. It’s time to retire those cumbersome spreadsheets and stop giving away your time. Start plugging the leaks and see how your projects are tracking in real time with Abtrac. 

What level of support is offered?

Whether you are on a trial or have a paid subscription Abtrac has free telephone and email support between the hours of 8.00 am – 4:00 pm AEST and AEDT.

Unscheduled calls are limited to 20 minutes each, but most involve a quick question and answer and you’re back on track.

You can send an email to our support team as and when required. Responses are guaranteed to be treated with priority. Most are actioned within an hour.

We have a knowledgebase where you can search for your questions and if you have an AbtracOnline account there is a help section in the menu with the most commonly asked questions which are answered in text or video formats.

For those longer calls or training sessions, these can be scheduled and one of our team can spend more time with you answering more in-depth questions. Depending on the length required for these calls there may be a small training fee but this will be presented to you before we proceed to schedule a time.


What does it mean to be a Xero Accredited Developer?

Xero only allows the best

Part of becoming a Xero Accredited Developer means that Xero has reviewed our integration to make sure it’s the best it can be for all of our Xero users.

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Why should we take the time to get accredited

Being accredited means that we are kept in the loop with Xero development paths so we can always give the best connection solution to our clients keeping the integration as smooth and functional as possible.

What information can Abtrac and Xero share

Abtrac & Xero Integration Infographic All

Does Abtrac have an online timesheet app

Out on site or in the field? - You have the full power of Abtrac Online from anywhere. 

We don’t have an online timesheet app per se. But that’s because Abtrac is so much more than an app based system.

You and your staff need the full range of functionality in Abtrac Online whether out on site or in the office. And this is always available simply by logging into on any web enabled device.

So whether your employees are sitting at their desk or on their way to their next appointment, they can login and enter their time, check out the status of a job, update a client’s phone number or verify their schedule for next week.

Abtrac gives you all your customers contact information, projects, tasks, timesheet entries and invoices in one accessible system, all at the tip of your fingers, no matter where you are.

How Secure is Abtrac in the cloud?

In short, Abtrac's online job management software is extremely secure!

We understand that embracing any new system can be a big decision.

The cloud is changing the way we consume, share, and use digital information because it makes access to information and computing power easier, faster, more affordable, and under the right circumstances like Abtrac, more secure.

Abtrac Online standard practise security measure

 The entire system, web site and database, is hosted in the Microsoft Azure environment, with all their standard security measures. 

In addition we have applied some of our own.

All network communications to and from Abtrac Online job management software are encrypted through the enforced use of the secure https (SSL) protocol.

User credentials are securely stored and validated using Microsoft's Membership 'module'. This is an industry standard development component that has been well tested and widely implemented. No page nor report can be accessed other than by a user who has legitimately logged in. Anyone trying any ‘back door’ entrance to any part of Abtrac will be diverted to the log in screen if they have not already had their credentials verified. In addition, the Abtrac system itself implements its own security layer to enable clients to control staff access to pages and data in ‘user groups’ which can have permissions established by your Abtrac administrator. All users who log into Abtrac have to belong to one such group. Access to each individual Abtrac report is similarly controlled by administrators in your office.

For added security our website strictly implements a design pattern to ensure that all publically exposed database requests can only ever return a dataset for a single client. This is to limit the ability of a malicious user being able to retrieve data en-masse from the system.

We have also built protection into Abtrac to prevent malicious intrusion from web robots. We automatically lock out any login if it fails to correctly combine user name and password within five attempts. And of course passwords are compliant with industry standards requiring a minimum number of characters and character types.

Full access to the database, required for our support, maintenance and development of the system, is restricted to Abtrac's own secure office network. We maintain updated anti-virus and firewall software and also limit the use of remote connections to our secure network.

Abtrac Online uses the Microsoft SQL Server Azure database. SQL Azure is an enterprise data storage solution. The version of SQL Azure we use has built-in business continuity features including point-in-time recovery and geo-redundancy. Furthermore, we independently have an hourly incremental backup and at least one full database backup daily which is stored in another regional data centre. We maintain a 30 day rolling backup.

Abtrac's Two Factor Authentication

As recommended by more and more industry leaders we also recommend that you turn on Two Factor Authentication (not only for Abtrac but anything where you store sensitive information). 

Abtrac's Two Factor Authentication ensures your users not only have their own Abtrac secured password but they also have to have access to the email account assigned to their Abtrac login. Before they can gain access to Abtrac they will have to input a security code that is sent to their email. 

Abtrac's password settings

Not only do your users have to have a secured password set with a minimum length with certain characters used, but you can also force users to change passwords every 31 days.

Security in the future

As technology is continuously evolving, we routinely review our security measures to ensure we’re protecting your on line data in a solid security foundation that spans across all platforms.

Join the journey

When your information is in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere you connect online. You don’t need to carry it with you on a computer nor build large data centres to store it. And you don’t need to manually update your software if it is provided to you through a cloud-based service.

If you are well into evaluating Abtrac and you have any further queries or concerns about security if committing to our cloud job management software, give us a call or drop us an email.


Does Abtrac Integrate with my accounting software?

Never enter data twice again!

Abtrac integrates easily with all popular accounting software packages such as:

What does it mean to be a Certified MYOB Add On Partner?

MYOB Add On's recognising the best

At MYOB they know that building a business takes blood, sweat and tears.
When it comes to selecting solutions, services and tools that you want in your business you want the best.

MYOB Add On Certification program helps you discover the best of the best from their Add On collection - those that truly rise above.

Not only is Abtrac honored to be one of the few Certified MYOB Add Ons, we are also proud to be the only certified
MYOB Add On for time, cost and invoicing for professional services firms. And there's a reason for that....

Manage all your projects, timesheets, disbursements and invoicing through Abtrac and synchronise clients, jobs, invoices and more, between Abtrac and MYOB AccountRight or Essentials.