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A clear strategy for a successful start up

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Enspire Solutions is a consultancy specialising in Civil Engineering, Project Management and Master Planning.

Our work includes civil engineering design associated with residential sub divisions, retail and entertainment precincts and other commercial projects throughout Australia.

We grew rapidly in the first 18 months from only myself to a highly skilled team of 18+ staff.

Our plan when Enspire was established was always to put in place a structure that would not only support our business endeavors, but it needed to be scalable and grow with our business . . .
. . . We were never going to go down the spreadsheet path as a fledgling company.

Vella Cameron from Enspire Head Shot
Cameron Vella at Enspire

A clear strategy for a successful start up

We wanted a cloud-based system and it had to be intuitive to use.

It also had to have easily managed projects, tasks, phases and invoicing, and ideally link to our accounting software.

And it also needed to have good output features.

I knew of Abtrac previously from a couple of colleagues who were using it in their businesses and they spoke highly of it.

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"We would start off as we intended to continue, using a reputable project management system."

Why Abtrac?

     Easily managed projects           Tasks, phases
 Links to your accounting software


Easy Onboarding

The buying process was seriously easy and seamless. I did a lot testing with the trial before committing to Abtrac and before we launched it live at Enspire, I was completely comfortable and familiar with using Abtrac.

As a testament to how easy and intuitive Abtrac is, we self-launched without any formal training, and although this is not for everyone, it worked really well for us.

The buying process was seriously easy. I did a lot with the trial before committing to Abtrac.
Here's our advice on how to make a successful switch to Abtrac

Keeps up with changes as your company grows

We’ve found it easy to grow rapidly and scale up our business with Abtrac being an integral part of our infrastructure.

It has helped to systemise our processes, whilst adding value to our business.

When new staff come on board we provide them with a welcome pack, which includes showing them core functionality within Abtrac, including how to navigate projects and other areas they need to manage.

Our team are all enthusiastic Abtrac users.

Designed with you in mind

As we grow it’s great to see Abtrac take on board our feedback and implement new features and functionality – a real testament to the value you provide.

We appreciate being able to work closely with the team at Abtrac to our mutual advantage.

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