7 reasons why Abtrac is the best WorkflowMax alternative


As you're probably well aware, Xero is retiring its WorkflowMax product on the 26 June 2024. This means that from this date, the product will no longer be available. 

The news has left many businesses using WorkflowMax searching for a new project management solution.

If your business is one of those affected by this change you will now be forced to start thinking about workflowmax alternative for your job tracking and management.

Here’s why we think Abtrac is the best alternative to WorkflowMax - especially for consulting engineers, land surveying, design and planning professionals. 

1. Experience
2. Smooth data transfer
3. More value for money
4. Always accurate Work In Progress reports
5. Links to Xero accounts and payroll
6. Responsive support
7. Your associates and competitors are already using Abtrac


1. Abtrac is a mature software solution

Abtrac 25 years

Abtrac was founded in 1999, and we’ve focused exclusively on creating job and project management software for professionals. 
Abtrac has been used for over 25 years by service firms including: Consulting Engineers, Land Surveyors, Project Managers, Town planners, Cost Estimators, Architects, Architectural and Landscape designers.

Our clients in these industries tell us that Abtrac is a perfect fit. Our software has matured overtime to be a comprehensive tool in these industries.

We have the experience to deliver the management tools your professional practice needs.


2. Smooth switching from WorkflowMax 

Workflow Max Alternative

You can’t afford to lose any job, time or invoice history when moving to a new solution.
If you work in professional services, you’ll be managing long term jobs with multiple stages. This means changing software needs to be a well-managed project in itself.

The Abtrac team are experienced in transferring WorkflowMax export files into Abtrac, we migrate companies from WorkflowMax to Abtrac every month. If discrepancies come up with your data transfer, we work with you to fill in any blanks.
We understand your historical data is important, so with Abtrac you can choose a managed migration rather than struggling to make sense of your WorkflowMax export files alone. 


3. Always accurate Work in progress reportsWork in progress reports

You need to know where you are at on a job, at any given time.

You don’t need to go trawling through three different people, log in to two different systems and check a spreadsheet to get the answers you need.

The Abtrac team get that. Abtrac includes over 100 reports and modules to deliver the information you need, the way that you need it.


4. More Value for Money

Project Management Features - Invoicing Software

Abtrac is a comprehensive system for time based billing businesses. 

You can plan your time, manage your projects, and get those invoice out with less confusion, more speed and better results. 

Abtrac pricing scales with your team, and you never pay for data storage. 


5. You won't lose your links to Xero accounts and payroll  

Xero + Abtrac Integrating

Like WorkflowMax Abtrac shares project, invoice and timesheet information with Xero.

You won’t loose any connectivity by changing to Abtrac.

Abtrac are Xero accredited developers which means that we are kept in the loop with Xero development paths so we can always give the best connection solution to our clients.


6. Responsive Support Team

Project Management Features - Support

We’re still firmly client focused with our own in-house support team.

With Abtrac you get free telephone and email support, as well as online videos and articles.

If you have ideas for a new feature or report we’re always happy to hear from you too. We add client-requested features and improvements all the time.

Abtrac is a comprehensive, mature cloud system that holds its market position because we keep it up to date.


7. Your associates and your competitors are already using Abtrac

Workflow Max had tight links to Xero affiliated advisors.

But there’s a definite competitive advantage to having the most efficient management tools available.

It's all about trying to make the point of difference, so if we're that more efficient - then that's a big plus.

All our work is time based. When we're making decisions quicker and delivering projects painlessly, that's a real advantage.

Darren Chalmers, Bennett and Bennett

We talked to our clients who have switched from Workflow Max to Abtrac.

Here’s why they found WorkflowMax it impractical for their needs

  • Not worth the ‘saving’ in monthly fees, compared to the costs of running extra staff or mucking around with spreadsheets and multiple systems.
  • No WIP reporting
  • Invoicing more suited to time and materials or trades than professionals
  • Difficult to report on Profitability/Productivity
  • Hard to make it work for multi-office, multi-team firms

If you're ready to take a look at Abtrac, and talk about how we can help you switch from WorkflowMax then we'd be happy to hear from you.


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