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Custom built for Architects, Engineers, Planners, Surveyors and other consultants

Join thousands of professionals that said goodbye to work arounds and spreadsheets, and hello to the competitive advantage that working with a best fit solution offers.

Workflowmax alternatives
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The value of Abtrac is that you will: 

  Reduce project overruns 

 Increase profitability 

  Spend less time building custom reports 

We’re not offering Abtrac as a discounted alternative to WorkflowMax, or as a cheap option to switch.

With Abtrac you save money everyday – because the software you use to manage projects, people, and budgets is a perfect fit.

But yes, we do have an offer for businesses migrating from WorkflowMax to Abtrac. You can chat with our team for details.

It's all about trying to make the point of difference, so if we're that more efficient - then that's a big plus.

All our work is time based. When we're making decisions quicker and delivering projects painlessly, that's a real advantage.
Darren Chalmers, Bennett and Bennett

Abtrac is used by time based billing professional service firms including:

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Consulting engineers
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Land surveyors
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Project managers
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Town planners
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Cost estimators
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Architects / Architectural designers

The announcement from Xero about retiring WorkflowMax came as a surprise to many, including most WorkflowMax users. 

We understand that switching systems can be a big undertaking for any firm, and having to do so under duress isn’t ideal. But it could also be a great opportunity to make a change.

We’ve never assumed a “one solution fits all” approach to project management. With Abtrac you get the best value solution for construction, design and planning professionals.

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Choosing Abtrac comes with real rewards.

Our clients freely tell us what a positive impact Abtrac makes to their ‘bottom line’.

Are you ready to make a change?

Streamline your systems

Join the thousands of professionals across Australia and New Zealand saving time, reducing stress, and increasing revenue with Abtrac 

All features, unlimited access. No credit card required. Free trial consulting & support.