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Have some questions?

Answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

What exactly is Abtrac, who uses it?

Abtrac is software used to track time, manage work and invoice projects.

Consulting professionals choose Abtrac when they need a better way to manage their business.

Everyone has a ‘system’ for timesheets and invoicing. Choosing a comprehensive, mature product comes with real rewards. Our clients freely tell us what a positive impact Abtrac makes to their ‘bottom line’.

Abtrac is used by time based billing professional service firms including:

 Consulting Engineers

 Land Surveyors

 Project Managers

 Town Planners

 Cost Estimators

 Architects / Architectural Designers

Abtrac’s focus is on businesses like yours. We offer efficient platforms to manage clients and contacts, projects, stages, budgets, subconsultants, time and cost recording, and invoice generation. Abtrac includes detailed performance reports and analysis, and links to your accounts and other business software.

Don’t give away your time, invest energy in cumbersome spreadsheets or persevere with a system that doesn’t quite deliver.

Abtrac has been designed to save your business hours of admin time, streamlining processes and increasing profit.

Does Abtrac integrate with my accounting software?

Abtrac integrates easily with all popular accounting software packages such as:

MYOB, Xero, Quick Books, Reckon, Sage and many more.

Say goodbye to double entry and delays.

Synchronise clients, jobs, invoices, debtor payments, payroll and more between Abtrac and your accounting package.

Here’s how it works here

Do you have an API, what other business tools can I link to?

Yes, Abtrac works with the most popular tools used by professional services firms so you can streamline your management processes.

With Abtrac integrations you need never enter data twice again.

In fact Abtrac can be connected to countless systems in a number of different ways, and our list of connections is continually growing.

Find out how we can link your software with Abtrac

How secure is Abtrac in the cloud?

Abtrac is a mature online platform - we’ve been cloud based since 2014.

When we moved Abtrac to the cloud we wanted the best database management, backup procedures, and disaster recovery policies to keep your data safe. That’s why we chose Microsoft Azure to develop and host Abtrac.

In addition to the protection provided with an Azure framework, Abtrac has been developed with our own standard security measures.

Read about our security measures in more detail here

Does Abtrac have a timesheet app?

Yes we do! The all-new Abtrac mobile timesheet app is free for Abtrac subscribers.

Features including:

 Quick on-the-go time tracking and disbursements

 Easy switching between projects

 Recording time against project tasks

 Detailed timesheet comments

 See daily and weekly totals at a glance

The Abtrac timesheets app is not a standalone system and you’ll need a current subscription to the Abtrac web application to use the app. If you don’t yet have a subscription please feel contact us or start a trial.

What level of support is offered?

With Abtrac you get access to real people who will listen to your particular query and help you find a solution.

Not just online help files and videos. We have One-on-one training and a local support team with real world expertise and experience.

Whether you are on a trial or have a paid subscription Abtrac has free telephone and email support between the hours of 8.00 am – 4:00 pm AEST and AEDT, and 9:00am - 5:00pm NZST and NZDT.

More about support

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Our ideas and advice for a successful launch are here

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