You’re an expert in your field. Become one at managing people too


You are an expert in your industry, respected by your peers and appreciated by your clients. Large projects are successful due in significant part to the contribution of you and your team. Do you feel the same confidence when it comes to managing the people you engage with on a day to day basis?

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Most business owners and managers will tell you that there are aspects to running a business that they could do without. The annoying, fiddly-time wasters, the confrontations with staff and the downright complex. Sometimes these things combine to make going to work less enjoyable than it should be, and takes away your focus on applying your expertise to meet client’s needs.

But what if you could take those negative aspects and resolve them so that your business and your relationship with your employees was improved?

Our new eBook, Be the complete professional in your office: how experts in their field can become experts in managing clients and staff, offers some common-sense approaches to the people side of your business. In the end, what you’ll be left with is a positive outcome that makes earning the money easier – for everyone.

This eBook is written by Abtrac CEO, Edward O’Leary. Deep experience in accounting, manufacturing and education has meant he’s worked out what makes some businesses run well, while others struggle. Edward’s thoughts on people management will help business owners and their managers to:

  • Obtain value from information that’s readily available but usually overlooked.
  • Manage staff, clients and others with confidence.
  • Become a better manager in your professional practice.

Having the right business systems in place is essential. The eBook takes a practical, in-depth look at not only how important it is to implement the systems that work best for your business, but how to determine what they are, and why it’s essential that the right people are managing those systems.

Behaviour is a key area of focus, because how people perceive themselves in the business affects how they behave in it. Our eBook will help you to examine how you behave in your business, so that you can recognise what you’re doing well, and identify areas you need to work on to become a better manager.

It will also help you to gain a better understanding of those who work for you. Understanding their personalities and behaviours is key to making the most of their strengths while helping them to resolve their weaknesses.

By the time you reach the end of the guide, you’ll have a clearer, better understanding of not only your own behaviour, but those of your employees and your clients. Positively managing the client experience means you’re more likely to retain existing clients – always a key goal for any business.

Download Be the complete professional in your office to see what tips you can use for your business. 

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