The ultimate project management software

Abtrac helps you track, manage and report on every aspect of your work, from anywhere.


Project management made easy

Abtrac has job tracking tools that enable you to stay on top of your work.

With Abtrac's project management software there’s no uncertainty - you’ll always know exactly where you are at on a job.

Perfect for professional services.
Plan, manage, and deliver every stage of your project lifecycle with precision. Break down projects into detailed tasks, budget fees and allocate resources.

Learn, react and adapt with insights from completed work. Prepare, send and track proposals by job type.

The more you know about your jobs, the better you can manage them. And efficient project management means bigger profits. 

Project Management Software Features
Project Management Software Features-Time Tracking

Easy to use time tracking

Abtrac is software that makes time work for you.

Recording work accurately is no longer a chore with intuitive timesheets.
And when all the team are happy contributing data into the system…there’s less headaches all round. Profits increase along with productivity.

The team can react and make decisions with confidence with work in progress reporting from Abtrac.

Choosing Abtrac comes with real rewards

 With Abtrac helping us be more efficient, no more scope creep or 'lost time', we had an $1,000,000 increase to our invoicing. Without adding more staff.

Engineering Consultants | 12 staff, Brisbane


Invoicing for professionals

All the pre-billing information you need. No drama, no delays.
Timesheets, quotes, external costs, and project details to prepare invoices are immediately on hand.

Abtrac invoicing is quick too, with flexible formats.

Create hourly rate invoices, percentage billing, progress claims, fixed fee, or invoice by stage. Produce invoices automatically based on your unbilled work, or build them line by line.

Project Management Features-Invoicing
Project Management Features-Reporting

Dynamic reporting, detailed analysis

Abtrac delivers an attention to detail often lacking in other systems.
This detail is most obvious when it comes to management reporting.

Easily find and share meaningful insights in Abtrac, with close to 100 ready to roll reports and analysis screens. Make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

Eliminate the risk, uncertainty and inconsistencies created from spreadsheets and data wrangling in other systems.

Choosing Abtrac comes with real rewards

By getting invoices out within 3 days, rather than 3 weeks - we actually erased a $250,000 overdraft facility. Within 2 months.

Architectural Firm | 60 staff, Sydney


Track Subconsultants + expenses

Keep track of your project expenses with Abtrac’s disbursement tools.

Manage regular outsourced work with the Abtrac subconsultant module. Monitor each project stage and subconsultant budget and track third party invoices. Determine which expenses can be on-charged to clients and apply margins.

Company and employee expenses can be also added directly to Abtrac. Or with the Abtrac accounts link you can import bills to Abtrac directly from Xero + MYOB.

Prepare precise estimates, and dial in on profitable project types with accurate job costing.

Project Management Features - Sub-consultants
Project Management Software Features - work scheduling

Work scheduling + planning

Abtrac’c work scheduling module links in closely with project management.

Plan your resources and workload from the moment a project is created. Manage teams, and allocate time on a project for certain roles, or specific employees.

Forecast project fees over time, track milestones, itemise and schedule work to be completed.

Attach notes, emails and documents to a project, keeping everything secure in one place. Abtrac also links to document management tools like 12D Synergy.

Choosing Abtrac Comes with real rewards

With faster invoicing and more efficient invoice recoveries, we increased cashflow and reduced our debtor ratio by 27%.

Surveying and Spatial Services Business | 125 staff, South East Queensland

Debtor management

The Debtor control screens in Abtrac provide a platform to maintain a relationship with the debtor contact person, in a structured way, to resolve the debt.

This is an add-on module for your finance and project teams.

Log and track invoice payments from within Abtrac. Send payment reminders, create penalty invoices. Optionally synchronise payment records from your accounting software.

Report on debtors by office, team or manager. See outstanding amounts, and invoice payments. Quickly assign deposits and release site certificates.

Project Management Features - Debtor Management
Project Management Features - Accounting Software Integration

Abtrac + your accounting software

Make every day more efficient by linking Abtrac to your accounting software.

The accounts connection shares job, costs, payment and payroll information between Abtrac and your accounting package. You can choose to send invoices from your accounts or from Abtrac.

No more departmental divides, no more information delays.

You get in depth project management, extensive pre-billing information and versatile invoice creation in Abtrac. And up to the minute payment and financial information from your accounts.


We help professionals manage their business

With Abtrac you get access to real people who will listen to your particular query and help you find a solution.

We have one-on-one training and a local support team with real world expertise and experience. Abtrac also has an extensive library of help files and videos.

Whether you are on a trial or have a paid subscription Abtrac has free telephone and email support between the hours of 8.00 am – 4:00 pm AEST and AEDT.

Our success is only measured by the success stories of our clients.

When you sign up to Abtrac we consider you a vital part of the team.

Project Management Features - Support
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