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SDG is a land survey and spatial design consultancy. We help our clients build the best projects by taking care of their surveying and land title needs.

Founded in 2010 from the merger of two established Sydney firms, our industry knowledge, our experience, and our business values have created an award-winning team. We believe in building trusted professional relationships and providing industry leading service.

Our culture and our people are at the heart of our company and our values underpin all that we do. We strive to be the best, and our people are our best asset.

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Craig Turner, Managing Director, SDG

When the cost of your old system outweighs the cost to change 

SDG is a land survey and spatial design consultancy, we’re committed to building the best for our clients, and to building an award-winning team.

We’ve been using some different software for a long time and the software worked fairly well, but it wasn't cloud-based and that was hindering what we did.

It wasn’t the best it could be, and if there were issues that arose, we weren't able to directly talk to the people providing the software.

Our old system was ok, but in the end it was hindering what we did.

The cost of keeping a creaky old system

  Low staff engagement 

 Duplicate data entry
  Wasted time 

It can be an unnecessary, stressful burden.


Steps for a successful switch

We actually implemented Abtrac about the second or third month of Covid - that was a challenge into itself, in the middle of a pandemic trying to bring this whole new software in.

But we were confident in our choice.

We had spent a number of months trialling Abtrac and really looking into it. We weren't going to jump into new practice management software unless we were absolutely convinced it could do the main things that we needed it to do.

I would recommend putting in the time getting ready with a trial version, get everyone practicing before going live. Don’t go live and then try and learn.

By us spending the time training everyone beforehand (we allowed 4-6 weeks to systematically work on it) when we went live there was virtually no issues and there has been no real productivity loss from staff. In fact some aspects were quicker even in the initial learning stages.

By spending the time beforehand, when we went live there was virtually no issues.
And there has been no real productivity loss from staff. In fact some aspects were quicker.

Our advice for a successful switch to Abtrac

100% of our team were happy with the change

A little over a week after we went live with Abtrac I was wishing we had made the move years ago. Everyone, 100% of our team were happy with the change and liked it better than the old system.

The good news is that Abtrac was able to import our existing database so we didn’t lose any of our old data.
Some firms just start afresh but we really wanted all that historic info coming across.

They also provide excellent support which is always helpful.

People are at the heart of our company

When we chose Abtrac we were looking for things that our old system couldn’t deliver. There were two key things for us - the first was we needed the ability for staff to be able to enter things outside of the office. Especially as the pandemic broke.

The second key feature was we wanted a system that was supported. We wanted to be able to ring up and speak to someone directly. Our old system – didn’t have that. And I can't run a business with that with such a poor level of service. So for me the key part was always if I need to speak to someone I speak to someone straight away, and Abtrac allows that. And that gave us a level of confidence in changing our practice management software.


The people at Abtrac are a real asset

Now that we’ve been using Abtrac for a while that connection to the Abtrac team has become even more valuable.

One of the great things about Abtrac is that we can actually pay to have some changes done that work specifically for us. We're in the process at the moment of looking at that. That option - to talk with the Abtrac support and development team is great.

There's specific things to SDG that we want to do, things that maybe no other firm wants to do and that's all right, but having that option – to fine tune our workflow, to be able to discuss the options for customizations - is really critical.

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