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Choosing a scalable system
for strategic growth

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Bennett + Bennett has been providing advanced Surveying, Town Planning and Spatial solutions for over 50 years.

Established in 1968 on the Gold Coast, we have been privileged to play a significant role in key projects and areas of development legislation which have helped shape South East Queensland.

Our success and longevity within the industry comes from our experience, and ability to work with an outstanding array of clients who continue to put their trust in us.

Through collaboration, ongoing improvement, upskilling and technology investment we are able to adapt our services to best meet their changing needs, whilst ensuring we remain current in an evolving market.

A strategic growth plan, supported by a modern platform

Bennett + Bennett  has a clear goal of growth and has laid out a strategic plan for the next five years.

To support our goal we needed efficient scalable systems. Something flexible enough to keep up with contemporary practices and technological change.

Prior to Abtrac the software we were using at the time was very old-fashioned, it had a poor user interface. Most staff tried to avoid it and therefore it was only really used by a few administration staff. Our old system just wasn't heading where we wanted to go, it wasn't developing, nothing was being added to it, and I think it was holding us back.

Most staff tried to avoid our old system, it was really only used by a few administration staff.

It was holding us back.

Why Abtrac?

  Easy to use

  Regular updates
  Excellent support 

A catalyst for change

Abtrac has changed the way we operate.

All our staff are more involved in getting data into our system.

This makes the data we have a lot easier to access, and we can make decisions far easier, supported by dynamic reporting from Abtrac.

A market advantage

To run a more simple and efficient business model is key to the success of a business, especially these days in the competitive world.

It's all about trying to make the point of difference, so if we're that more efficient - then that's a big plus.

All our work is time based. When we're making decisions quicker and delivering projects painlessly, that's a real advantage.

Being more efficient with Abtrac, that's money in our pockets.

Discover the key to increased cashflow

Return on investment

Prior to installing Abtrac our debtor ratio (which is the amount of money over 30 days, outstanding) was at about 42 percent.

In the two and a half years since implementing Abtrac we’ve brought that down to 15% - so that's money in our pockets.

That extra capital gives us the ability to make more immediate decisions and be more flexible in the market.

Dynamic reporting

I don't think we could have got to the point where we are now at Bennett and Bennett, with our recent growth, without the support of Abtrac.

I just don't think that would have been possible.

We didn't have the vision of where our finances sat, and we probably weren't in the right financial position.

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