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business management solution

Created for construction, design and planning professionals.

Land Surveyors, Consulting Engineers and Architectural studios find Abtrac a perfect fit.

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Project Management Features - Track progress of job

Deliver jobs on time,
and on budget

Everything project related at your fingertips.

It’s easy to find out where you’re up to on a project in real time.

And with early awareness it’s easier to track and communicate any issues, before they blow out.

Project Management Features - Add on

Free up your cashflow

When time is easily tracked, and projects are understood - it’s easier to get invoices out quicker and paid faster.

And by syncing Abtrac with your accounting software, your admin, management and finance teams are also in sync.

Better data + no delays = money in your pockets.

Project Management Features - Invoicing Software

Invoice without stress

An industry-specific solution that understands the way you work.

All your billing specifics are built in to your project tracking.

Abtrac Work in progress reporting + Invoicing modules enable you to get invoices out within the first few days of each month.

Real person support

Not just online help files and videos.

Abtrac is supported by real people who will listen to your query and help you find a solution.

One-on-one training and a local support team with real world expertise and experience.

Project Management Features - Work Scheduling Software

Ease the load of your admin team

Free up your admin resources from unnecessary repetitive work.

Abtrac puts a structure and a value in the business.

Your project management tool is recognised and well supported.

Project Management Features - Business Management Reports

Minimise write offs

With early awareness of it’s easier to track and communicate any issues, before they blow out.

All your billing specifics are built in to your project tracking.

System alerts, timesheet warnings and reports mean you always know where you're at on a project.

Project Management Features - KPI

More comprehensive analysis

Information when you need it.

Not just a data repository, Abtrac gives you the reports and answers you need when needed.

No need for DIY or resorting to more spreadsheets.

Project Management Features - Accounting integration

No double handling

Managing, sharing and updating data across your business systems isn't full time job. 

Eliminate time wasting, with Abtrac’s powerful API. Share data with your other key business tools - including your accounts and payroll. 

A proven tool for firms who bill time + expertise.

Abtrac manages your jobs and resources, tracks time and project budgets, prepares and sends invoices, links to your accounts, and reports on where you are at at every step of the way. 

Abtrac for

Project Managers

Plan your resources and allocate time from the moment a project is created.

Stay on top of all aspects of your project with alerts, detailed status reports and analysis.

No more worries about what you might be missing.

Abtrac for

Administration + Accounts

Making every day more efficient, Abtrac automates common chores.

No need for yet another spreadsheet, and no fear of inaccuracies, lost time and lost profits.

Abtrac includes extensive pre-billing tools and versatile invoicing.

Abtrac for

Managing Directors

One tool for better business management.

Everything you need to scale and support your business, with tools for all your team.

Get Real-time insights delivering a real return on your investment.

Trusted by thousands of professionals in New Zealand and Australia

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Abtrac is trusted by thousands of happy customers.

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Why Abtrac?

Ed O'Leary – CEO and founder of Abtrac, gives a little bit of insight into how Abtrac has managed to save a lot of businesses a lot of time and money.

Get the specifics just right

Don’t patch things together with spreadsheets and work arounds.
Life is too short to be wasting time on a system that’s not delivering.

Abtrac vs Others

Choosing the right solution can be central to the success of your business.

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