Abtrac: The best business management tool for your team

Compared to other systems Abtrac has the level of detail your team needs to manage projects,
and the flexibility required at invoice time.

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Top reasons why businesses choose Abtrac

To help your evaluation we talked to our clients about some of the products they’ve used before Abtrac.
These are the key points of difference that Abtrac has over most alternatives.

We have lots more features, but this list includes some key things that our clients say we do very well, or that they were missing in other systems. We've included more comprehensive comparisons below.

Invoicing that works for professionals, without work arounds
Accurate WIP, variable charge rates
Detailed reporting, easily accessible information
Flexible links to Accounts and Payroll
A scalable platform for projects, teams, departments, and offices
In depth job scoping, budgets and reports
Live support, training and customisations

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Comparing project management software solutions

There are many alternatives to Abtrac on the market and it can be hard to compare.

We don’t sell a basic version of Abtrac to smaller companies, and we don’t charge larger companies more to give them more functionality.  So  in many cases you’ll need to compare Abtrac’s price and features to our competitors "premium version".

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What will you get for your money?

Our advice is take a closer look at what other packages don’t offer, or what you have to pay extra for.

Will you receive the same promised benefits if you sign up to our competitor’s standard version compared to their executive offering?

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Can you measure the return of your monthly investment?

Every business would like to reduce operating costs, improve employee productivity, and increase profit margins.

That's why we don't have pay per feature plans for Abtrac. You get every feature, and every opportunity to succeed.

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What does Abtrac offer that other packages don't?

We believe a better business management solution is more than just a monthly subscription.

As well as comparing technical features, ask about important areas like training and ongoing support. We'll support you through every step of your software transition.

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Looking for an alternative system that delivers real results?

Abtrac is a full featured platform that give you more value for your money.

Project management
In depth job scoping
Forecast work
Schedule milestones
Manage sub-consultants
Time tracking
Custom timesheet options for users
Project budget warnings
Upload time to payroll
Invoicing that works for professionals
One click invoices by stage, progress claim and hourly rate
Detailed itemised billing with variations and supplements
Links to your accounts
In depth reports by office, project manager, project, client, staff member and more
Manage and minimise write-offs and over-servicing
Compare planned time with actual
Report by job, client, project manager, office, employee, team and many more options
Live, real person support
Most requested customisations are obligingly done
Personalised training on-site or on-line throughout Australia and New Zealand
Value for money

Take a closer look at what a full featured system can deliver