Simple, flexible pricing

When you sign up you get the full benefits of our premium project management software.

Pay per person, with discounted rates as you grow. Access all the core features of Abtrac. No limits, no restrictions. 

What will the monthly subscription be for your business?

How many employees are in your team?

Will you add on modules for the accounts and finance team?

The monthly fee quoted above is exclusive of GST.

See below for a complete features list and rates breakdown

Security iconSafe and Secure

Abtrac protects your business details and your client’s information with industry-standard SSL and encryption so everything is always safe and secure.

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Set up assistance 

From evaluation to implementation we’re available to help. Consulting, data migration, training and set up assistance. 

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Support at every step

Our team brings the knowledge and experience gained from helping thousands of professionals like you.
We provide real support when you need it.

how it works

Monthly fees, unlimited access

We offer unlimited access to all the core features of Abtrac. You pay a monthly fee based on the number of current employees.

There are no fixed contracts. You can increase or decrease the number of current employees at any time. There are no monthly limits on projects, invoices or data consumed (fair use rules apply).

pricing structure

We offer flexible pricing per unique user

Scaled rates ensure you receive the most value from your Abtrac subscription as your business grows. As you add more users, the price per user will decrease.

start from
$66 per month
1 user
then add  : 
$16 per month
First 2 -10 users
$11 per month
Next 11 -15
$9 per month
Next 16 -25
$6 per month
Next 26 -50
$2.50per month
Next 51+

Plus optional extras for your finance team

Outside of our core business and project management tools we offer two add-ons for accounting and finance.

Accounts link

Link to your accounting software and eliminate re-keying invoices, payments, expenses and payroll information. 

$20 per month

Debtor management

Record invoice payments, view aged debtors balances, and send accounts rendered.

$45 per month
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What do you get for your money?

 Keeping on top of projects

  Cutting cost overruns

  Get more efficient with admin

  Gain more time

  Faster invoicing

  Faster revenue recoveries

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A platform for the entire team

What's included?

Almost everything. Unlike other systems we don't sell Abtrac in modules.

Everyday work

 Sub consultants
 Custom fields
 Resource planning
 Work scheduling
 Productivity reports
 Real person support

Managing Projects

 Job management
 Job tasks + stages
  Project timesheet alerts
 Job proposals
 Job costing
 Actual vs budget tracking
 Custom fields
 Document management
 Project reports

Finance + Accounts

 WIP management
 Prebilling reports
 Recurring invoices
 Variable charge rates
 Progress claim invoices
 Percentage billing
 Invoice payments
 Credit notes

Directors + Administrators

 Secure access
 Real-time insights
 Profitability tracking
 Management reports
 Revenue analysis
 Consulting + training

What's extra?

Tools that your accounts and finance people will love 

Link to your accounts

Link to your accounts



 Quickbooks, Reckon, and more

Manage your debtors

Manage your debtors

 Invoices and payments

 Debtor control

 Debtor reports

Question Icon

Have some questions?

Here are answers to some of the most common questions from people signing up to Abtrac.


How secure is Abtrac?

Abtrac is a mature online platform - we’ve been cloud based since 2014.

When we moved Abtrac to the cloud we wanted the best database management, backup procedures, and disaster recovery policies to keep your data safe. That’s why we chose Microsoft Azure to develop and host Abtrac.

In addition to the protection provided with an Azure framework, Abtrac has been developed with our own standard security measures.

Read about our security measures in more detail here

What level of support is offered?

With Abtrac you get access to real people who will listen to your particular query and help you find a solution.

Not just online help files and videos. We have One-on-one training and a local support team with real world expertise and experience.

Whether you are on a trial or have a paid subscription Abtrac has free telephone and email support between the hours of 8.00 am – 4:00 pm AEST and AEDT, and 9:00am - 5:00pm NZST and NZDT.

More about support

Do we have to sign a fixed-term contract?

No, there is no fixed term contract.

You pay monthly, a valid credit card is required for you to continue using the Services on a month-to-month basis after the free trial period ends.

Are there any set up fees?

Yes, there will be some set up fees.

The costs depend on how much you'd like the Abtrac support team to be involved, what you sign up for, and how you plan on launching Abtrac at your company.

When you call us we can talk through the options together and provide a cost proposal.

This page outlines some of the steps to consider

What payment methods do you accept?

Monthly fees are payable by credit card (MasterCard or Visa), a surcharge of 1.5% applies.

We've decided to sign up with Abtrac, what happens next?

Great! Welcome, Congratulations!

Switching to Abtrac makes perfect sense.

We’re looking forward to working with you, you can give us a call to get underway. 

We'll talk through how you want launch Abtrac in your business and take it from there.

This page outlines some of the next steps

What counts as a ‘user’?

Abtrac is licensed on the number of users (current employees).

We define ‘employees’ as being not only current logins, but the number of current employees being managed through Abtrac– that is anyone who logs on, or who has timesheets done for them, or is being processed through Abtrac in any other capacity (as project managers, consultants) in any period.

All users required a paid license, whether they are full time, part time, students or contractors.

What if our number of employees changes?

You can increase or decrease the number of current employees at any time.

We cannot license for part months, so if you've made a change after the last billing confirmation it will take effect from the next invoice.

How do we manage our billing?

At any time an Abtrac user with admin rights can review and update licensing and payment details from the subscriptions page in Abtrac.

Invoices are sent on the 1st day of the month. You then have 7 days to review your invoice and make any changes to your subscription. Payments are processed by Abtrac on the 20th of the same month.

Can we change our monthly plan?

Yes, you pay monthly per person - with no fixed terms.

There are no standard, professional, or enterprise plans for Abtrac. You get unlimited access to all the core features, only paying for the number of users each month.

You can increase or decrease the number of current employees at any time. You can also add or remove any optional extra modules.

How does the free trial work?

You can sign up to try Abtrac here

The free trial offer gives new, registered users unlimited access to Abtrac for 30days.

There's no contracts and no credit card required.

You have access to all the features of the Abtrac software (including the option extras), with no limits to data or users.

The trial includes access to all our demonstration and training videos.

You also have access to free telephone and email support, as well as onboarding consulting to help you with your evaluation.

(Fair use rules apply to both data limits, user access, and trial support)

What happens at the end of our free trial?

After your 30 day trial period you will either need to subscribe or talk with our sales team about extending your trial.

If we don't hear from you your trial will expire, your login(s) will become invalid and any data entered will be deleted within 1 month of the trial expiry date.

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Still have questions?


If you’d like more information you can talk with the Abtrac team for answers.


We’re available Monday - Friday between 09:00 – 17:00 UTC+12.