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Abtrac’s online project management software keeps the team on top of projects, invoicing, and the bottom line - in real time.

What Drives us

Our goal is to provide a tool to streamline business systems, adding value to the time you invest in your work.

Our success is only measured by the success stories of our clients.

The truth is in the numbers.

*We canvassed consulting engineering, surveying & design practices about their business management systems, and discovered a huge amount of financial leakage is common.

Up to 25% of billable hours are not just not recovered in these firms.

Poor cashflow is also common.
In a more recent survey we saw prior to using Abtrac there’s commonly a 30 – 60 day delay from the completion of a project to billing and recovering revenue.

We commonly see 5-25% increase in recovered or realised income when businesses start using Abtrac.

Our story

Launched in 1999, Abtrac has developed and been influenced by the people who use it everyday.


It's that collaboration that makes Abtrac an outstanding online project management platform that our competitors fail to match.


About Abtrac

Abtrac was created to solve the problems of data inaccuracies, and the frustrations of endless spreadsheets.

Abtrac ensures that everyone who needs to know what’s happening has access to real time in-depth information. There’s no surprises.

In a time based billing business by the time the invoice hits the accounting system, the profit or loss is already history. That's why Abtrac sits ahead of the accounting system as a production management tool.

Spreadsheet vs Abtrac Project management software Graphic
Our Team

Our company culture is to develop long term working relationships with our clients.

When you sign up to Abtrac we consider you a vital part of the team.

















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With thousands of users throughout Australasia and beyond,
Abtrac is a trusted tool for Consulting Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors, Planners and Project Managers.