Top 25 Powerful & Inspiring Quotes For Business Owners

Posted by Sharnee on 02/03/2017

As a business owner you'll experience of a lot of highs and lows. Whether you're just getting your business established or you're at cross-roads in your company, these 25 inspiring quotes for business owners are sure to give you the motivation you need. Perhaps they'll even set you one a different path of thinking.

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Fighting Middle-Aged Spread

Posted by Edward - CEO on 23/02/2017

Some chaps get to a certain age and one day they look in the mirror, or maybe they try on their favourite shirt, and they wonder, “What happened?”. What happened to that well ripped body.


The six pack is morphing into one squidgy ab. And the pecs are turning into man-boobs. The problem is, some people ‘let things go a little’. This doesn’t happen to everyone. But it does happen.


Like middle aged spread in some of us, at a certain age, some businesses go the same way. The founding directors, even though it’s still their business, ‘let things go a little’. I see it all the time. Businesses get busy. Founding directors get busy. And things slip passed them that wouldn’t have got through a few years earlier.


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Make 2017 a Year to Remember!

Posted by Edward - CEO on 19/01/2017

Don’t drift into and through this New Year. Make 2017 count and a year to remember.

Your Spotify playlist is back to the way the gods intended. It no longer includes Snoopy’s Christmas, nor Santa Baby. Those golden oldies are set aside for another year. The Christmas period is over.

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Business setting goals 2017: What do you have planned for your company?

Posted by Sharnee on 01/12/2016

With the New Year fast approaching us, it's time to take the opportunity to reassess your business plan and start setting goals for 2017. Taking the time to assess your current situation and set new targets does take a wee bit of time but it is an investment that pays off.

Below are the 4 step to creating meaningful goals that you'll actually follow through on.


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Value Your Staff: 5 Personal Christmas Thank You Ideas

Posted by Sharnee on 24/11/2016

As the year closes in on us and holiday season approaches, it's a great time to reflect on the years achievements and all those that made them possible - your amazing staff.

Your staff form the bones of your business. And studies have proven that employees that feel valued and have great job satisfaction, tend to be more productive and loyal to a business.

So how do you show your gratitude and make them feel extra warm and fuzzy inside on a more personal level?
We give you our top 5 ideas on how to say an extra special Christmas thank you.

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Engineers - Get the most out of your KPIs

Posted by Edward - CEO on 10/11/2016

"Perhaps now more than ever, you need to start keeping a close eye on your KPIs"

An activity within your business which is identified as “we have to do this well so the business does well”, is called a Key Performance Indicator or KPI. A measure of each one indicates how the activity is performing.

Success in all the KPIs ensure the goals of the business are most likely to be achieved. The whole is dependent on the sum of the parts.

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