What makes our job management software different?


As you already know, Abtrac is a cloud based job management software package used by professionals who require real time job tracking software. But what really makes Abtrac so much more valuable than other packages? It is simple:


001 Ebooks icon circleProject Management

While most systems have a basic project management feature available, Abtrac gives you the opportunity to go more in-depth and at no extra cost. Scope jobs to a range of levels to suit the complexity, forecast and schedule work as well as manage sub-consultants projects, budget and invoices.


Home page icons - timesheetTimesheets

Whether you and your staff are in the office or out on site, you have the ability to login anywhere, enter your time and disbursements and logout. But it gets better; each user can choose their preferred layout option within the rules set up by the administrators. You won't find that in every job management software package.

With selected popular accounting systems timesheets can be uploaded directly from Abtrac and processed through into the payroll module at a click of a button.


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We understand that no two businesses are the same. Create, send and track professional, personalised invoices customised for your type of business. You also have the ability to invoice by stage, lump sum, progress claim and hourly rate. Include variations with disbursements, subconsultants, details or supplements depending on what you and your clients need.


001 Ebooks icon circle2Reports

Business reports play a powerful role in revealing the insights to your company and unlike most job management software systems that only have simple timesheet reporting available, we will give you the whole 9yards at no extra cost.
Report on up to the minute information such as WIP, projects or staff, by office, by department or project life to date or between two dates. Report on write-ons and write-offs and staff performance.

002 Demo page icons- SupportSupport you can rely on

Contrary to many software providers, our customers applaud us on how wonderful our service is, even going as far as to say it is like having their own IT department. Unlimited email support is included in the subscription and treated with priority. Most are actioned within an hour but if you prefer chatting on the phone, telephone support is also available.


You don't need to pay extra for all these additional features of Abtrac. Why? Because we believe that every business would like to reduce operating costs, and increase employee productivity and profit margins.

Discover for yourself why Abtrac is the leading job management software so many businesses turn to.

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