Pricing: Abtrac vs Other Software


We believe that every business subscribing to Abtrac job management software is entitled to access the full benefits of what any time and cost package should deliver.


We think it’s unfair to sell a project management, time management and invoicing system as ‘very affordable’ for smaller companies, when very affordable equals cheaper with very basic entry and reporting capabilities. Others do this, we don't.

We don’t sell a basic version to smaller companies, and we don’t charge larger companies more so we can give them more functionality.


Therefore, for some products you’ll need to compare Abtrac to our competitors "premium version". In some cases this includes adding an additional $50 to their monthly fees. So our advice is take a closer look at what other packages don’t offer. 


We believe there’s a big difference between Reports and in particular Profitability/Productivity reports – Abtrac has both and our clients tell us it’s still very affordable and excellent value for money.

You don’t need to pay extra for a premium version of Abtrac.  You don’t pay extra for KPIs, WIP reports and managing and reporting on non-chargeable jobs.


Why? Because we believe that every business would like to reduce operating costs, and increase employee productivity and profit margins. It's called being fair.

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