Hiring the right person for your business


No matter whether you're a design firm, land surveyors or an accounting practice, choosing the right employee can make or break your company.

For any small business owner finding the right person may seem like a daunting task so below are a few strategies to discover your new key team member. 


Checking candidates compatibilityWlecome aboard image

Having the right skill base is an essential part in hiring the right person but so is the right personality. You want to find someone that will fit your company culture as well as work alongside other employees and managers. With social media making it so accessible to see inside peoples worlds, why not check out their LinkedIn profile, Facebook and Twitter? This will help give you a better understand of who they are as a person and if they'll fit into your work environment.

Not only having the correct degree will put a big tick next to their name but equally important is for right the candidate to have experience or an interest in your specific area. For example, if you run a Criminal Defense Law Firm, you may not necessarily want Real Estate Law Attorney with 10 years experience.

Or perhaps you run an IT company and require a problem solver with good interpersonal and communication skills but your potential candidate is having trouble looking you in the eye.



Quirky Questions

Wouldn't it be nice if we could ask right off the bat if someone's a nasty person or not?! Unfortunately we can't, but the right questions could help you discover that on your own.

  • Why are they leaving their current workplace? If the candidate continues to blame someone else for a problem that has occurred then it may be a good idea to look for another employee.
  • Why do you work? - Is it just a job for them that pays the bills, or is it something they are passionate about.
  • What makes you get up in the morning? Discover what drives them, a little about them and their personality.
  • What is your 3 year plan? Find out the direction they want to take with their career and whether that fits your business.

Don't forget to let the candidate interview you as well. It is just as important that they feel the job is right for them. Give them non-monetary reasons why working for you is the best decision they could make. Perhaps your company has a big social scene with lots of fun events, an extra week's paid holiday or training opportunities to develop their skills. Whatever it is, make sure you sell it!



Try before you buy

The best way to discover if someone is really up for the job is by testing them with a small snippet of work. Not only does this give you an indication of their capabilities but also whether they can understand instructions and how quickly they can work under pressure.

But before you say "Welcome aboard" remember to trust your hunches as they are true indications of how you actually feel about a person.


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