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Track time your way with 4 Customisable Timesheet screens

Posted by Jennifer on 15/02/2021

Did you know Abtrac has 4 different timesheet screens which can be customised by you, to suit your business?

The timesheet entry screens are the most used areas of Abtrac. And within them, you have complete control over what data is seen by all users, and what rules they have to follow when entering timesheets.

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Topics: Tips and Tricks, Staff Management, Job Management

Pricing: Abtrac vs Other Software

Posted by Jennifer on 03/11/2016

We believe that every business subscribing to Abtrac job management software is entitled to access the full benefits of what any time and cost package should deliver.


We think it’s unfair to sell a project management, time management and invoicing system as ‘very affordable’ for smaller companies, when very affordable equals cheaper with very basic entry and reporting capabilities. Others do this, we don't.

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