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Edward - CEO

Edward O’Leary is co-founder of Abtrac, a time management, billing and project management solution for professional services businesses in Australia and New Zealand. He has had more than 20 years advising time based billing businesses such as architects, professional engineers, surveyors, planners, cost estimators PR and HR agencies, general consultants and others on how to effectively monitor, measure and manage their services business to streamline processes and achieve a stronger bottom line.

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Managing Your Professional Services Firm

Posted by Edward - CEO on 29/09/2021

In your professional services business, putting in place and using measures to make sure you are going the right way at the right speed is crucial. The thing is, all your business is selling is its expertise. There is no stock in the warehouse to keep an eye on, no daily till-take to cash up. You have got a finite number of people with skills to do the work each day. They are making money working for clients wanting deliverables done to as high a quality standard, as quickly as possible. Day-by-day, managing work to be done and people to do it can mean the difference between your business doing really well, or lurching from one urgent issue to the next.

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5 Reasons People Choose the Wrong Project Management Software

Posted by Edward - CEO on 21/09/2021

Choosing the right Project Management, Timesheet and Invoicing Software for your business is a big decision. Get it wrong and it can cost your business money and unnecessary disruption. It’ll also cost you personally in wasted time, heart-ache and stress.

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Timesheets are Your Friend

Posted by Edward - CEO on 14/09/2021

Timesheets are a digitised record of your life at work. Your own human memory simply isn’t up to it. Timesheets are your online memory booster.

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7 Things to Expect in your Project Management Time & Cost Software

Posted by Edward - CEO on 07/09/2021

You have grown your business and you are looking for a project management software package that enables you to do more. Life is too short to be wasting time on a system that is not delivering.

So, beyond the cool graphics and seductive gizmos you don’t use anyway (that some vendors emphasize when pushing their product), here are 7 things to expect in your project management software.

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Are your business management systems state of the art or creaky wrecks

Posted by Edward - CEO on 31/08/2021

Heritage is always a tricky subject in modern cities, with one person’s culturally significant building being another person’s eyesore. It’s useful to think about your business systems in the same way, and the role of heritage in achieving the best result for your business.

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How to Succeed in Business Management

Posted by Edward - CEO on 24/08/2021

Business Management is all about knowing where you’re going and what’s going on right now.  Are you tracking the business information you really need?

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