Business Reports

Abtrac’s key performance indicators effortlessly turn data into valuable business reports.


Business reports play a powerful role by exposing the true insights into your company.
Reveal business trends, productivity, write ons / offs and much more to maximise your business profits.


Report on up to the minute information such as;

  • Actual vs Budget by project.
  • Work in Progress (WIP).
  • Revenue and profitability by job type.
  • Manage each project stage by stage.
  • Real time write on/off reports by project, department, employee or invoice.
  • Quickly see what has to be billed to whom, for what.
  • Manage employee productivity and hours worked.


Abtrac includes historical and real time reports as well as forecasting outcomes to maximise successful project management. View quick access charts, or drill down for a detailed numerical analysis of your project progress as well as job profitability and trends for your business.

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