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eBook - Be the complete professional in your office

How experts in their field can become experts in managing clients and staff. 

Here are some thoughts from the field on better people management for a more profitable professional services business. 

Your professional services business makes money by selling its intellectual prowess and time to clients who are willing and able to pay.

You live in the margin between the fees you can charge and the demands of salaries, rent, rates and all other expenses involved in running a business.

The key to running your business efficiently is dealing with clients, work colleagues and others as a complete professional, eliciting buy-in and minimising confusion and discontent.

Abtrac eBook - Be the complete professional in your office

In this ebook, Edward O’Leary, CEO of Abtrac, shares his thoughts on people management and the differences he’s observed between firms that work well and those that don’t.

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  • Obtain value from information that’s readily available but often overlooked.
  • Manage staff, clients and others with confidence.
  • Become a better manager in your professional practice.

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