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Why do we say Abtrac is the package to manage your professional engineering business?

Engineering project management software comes in two genres. One is to plan and manage the throughput of a business from an internal perspective. The second project management genre is a system accessible across multiple businesses and agencies allowing them to all tap into the same system on ‘team’ projects.

Abtrac falls into the first category, with a focus on SME’s internal administration, project management, and invoicing. It then links to all of the many popular accounting packages for the back end accounting processing. Abtrac’s focus is very much on the front-end of the business ensuring that by the time the data hits the accounting system, the revenue is generated as efficiently and productively as possible.

Engineering project management software features

Used by professional engineers in businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, the reasons they chose Abtrac are simple. It helps them run their business.

Abtrac tracks everything, from the initial project scope, variations, work planning and scheduling, through time recording, and disbursements, subconsultants, purchase orders, invoicing and a huge range of reports.

Here’s what one of our clients says:


After generating my invoices within a few days of month end, I go to sleep knowing if someone calls me to query anything I’ll be able to answer straight away. This is thanks to the confidence I have in my Abtrac reports and the trust I have in the integrity of it’s data.”
Professional Engineering Director, 38 staff, NSW
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Easy invoicing:

Abtrac has the widest range of easy to use invoice types.

Invoices.pngIt has more than any comparable package. From simple one-liners, hourly rate, through to complete stage by stage breakdowns of progress claims, Abtrac’s invoicing is one of the key reasons many professional engineering businesses switch from other much touted products. Abtrac has the widest range of easy to use invoice types compared to other more touted packages

Why wouldn’t you switch to Abtrac when you can produce a progress claim invoice in 30 seconds compared to other packages that may take 30 minutes or more, (and even then you end up completing the invoice in Excel because the format options are simply not there). Not with Abtrac.
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Time Recording:

Timesheets.pngTime recording is another area full of functionality. The beauty of Abtrac is that like all the other screens, the time recording pages can quickly be customised to suit the levels of complexity you need.

Some people run their timesheets with minimal fields required. All you need is 2. Other businesses have 8 or more. Administrators can configure Abtrac to suit how the business needs to work. And at the project level, individual project managers can add further requirements to capture the data they need to run their specific projects.

Like invoicing, timesheet entry is quick and easy with options to copy last week’s entries.
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Discover for yourself why Abtrac is the best engineering project management software so many businesses trust.

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