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Time Management  -  Is Your Business Losing Time?

Posted by Edward - CEO on 20/05/2019

Talking with a prospective client, a director’s big concern was they were writing off too much each month. Their initial email said “Our business is leaking time”. After some discussion I suggested they meet routinely and have staff agree on expectations of how long each piece of work should take. Things will then more likely be done within agreed times and thus agreed client budgets. This could plug the leaks and reduce their write offs.

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Are your business management systems classical beauties or creaky wrecks?

Posted by Edward - CEO on 16/01/2019

Heritage is always a tricky subject in modern cities, with one person’s culturally significant building being another person’s eyesore. It’s useful to think about your business systems in the same way, and the role of heritage in achieving the best result for your business.

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The secret to increased productivity and profitability [Infographic]

Posted by Heidi on 26/02/2018

When employee engagement is lacking, more often than not it is the work systems that are at fault, not the individuals. Do you need look at your businesses systems with fresh eyes?

In the second part of our ‘Business Growth in 2018’ blog, we ask you to consider the levels of employee engagement in your company. How do you measure the productivity and profitability of your workforce?


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You want business growth in 2018? Your solution is motivation.

Posted by Heidi on 08/02/2018



As the financial markets take another dive, the focus is once again on how to make sure your business is working as smartly and as efficiently as possible. Motivation could be the key.

This is the first of two blogs where we look at how motivation must start from the top, and the impact this has on your employees …


For your company to achieve sustainable growth, workplace engagement is essential. However, according to Gallup, only 13% of employers worldwide are engaged at work. Only one in eight workers are psychologically committed to their jobs and are likely to make positive contributions to their organisations. Now, here in Australia and New Zealand we are doing ok. We have the second highest proportion of engaged workers globally at 24%. Yet that still leaves three quarters of our workforce who are not engaged or worse still, actively disengaged.

This is really going to affect your business potential in 2018

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Does 'heritage' constrain good business management?

Posted by Heidi on 17/01/2018
If you wouldn’t mind, we would like to take a second of your day to consider office systems … we would like to know what you use to manage your projects, timesheets, expenses, and invoices?  


We will be willing to bet that the most obvious answer to that questions is spreadsheets. A good old Excel workbook. But of course there are always variations:

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Will robots and automation take my job?

Posted by Edward - CEO on 06/07/2017

A friend sent me an email with a URL, “You have to look at this", he wrote.

The site is based on a mathematical analysis of the probability of automation in a range of professional services. It also has the prognosis for each, through to 2024. That’s only 7 years away!!

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