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Architects & Engineers, are you Missing Out?

Posted by Edward - CEO on 18/01/2022

Are you frustrated by your month end invoicing routine?

Is your invoice processing vulnerable to delays and uncertainty?

What if you could get your invoices out within 3 days of month end instead of 3 weeks, and with a higher level of confidence in their integrity? Imagine the impact on your cash flow. Imagine the impact on office productivity.

Imagine the impact on yourself.

The secret is simple. 

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Engineers - Get the most out of your KPIs

Posted by Edward - CEO on 06/12/2021

"Perhaps now more than ever, you need to start keeping a close eye on your KPIs"

An activity within your business which is identified as “we have to do this well so the business does well”, is called a Key Performance Indicator or KPI. A measure of each one indicates how the activity is performing.

Success in all the KPIs ensure the goals of the business are most likely to be achieved. The whole is dependent on the sum of the parts.

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Is Your Business Throwing Away Money,  Rekeying Data?

Posted by Edward - CEO on 06/12/2021

In any business, the ability to efficiently collect and analyse data is acknowledged as key to its success. It's Business Management 101.

But incredibly, the widespread use of spreadsheets for data manipulation and storage is alive and kicking. Reports are delivered with much effort and often collated from data that let’s face it, is old.

I took an enquiry recently from someone. How could they better manage their costs in a firm of 40 staff. She started by saying their team of 10 full time admin and accounts people, “do everything for us”.

Since many of our clients run at ratios of 10:1 or 8:1 billable to non-billable staff I was staggered to hear of a ratio of 3:1. Upon further discussion it became clear.

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5 Reasons How a Job Management Software Can Ease The Load You Have To Carry.

Posted by Sharnee on 01/12/2021

We all know time is money, so what if I told you your business could be missing out on over 30% of possible revenue every year?* That's one heck of a pile of cash you're missing out on. And it would go straight to the bottom line.

But more importantly, what can you do about it?
The answer – an all-in-one Project Management System where you can manage all aspects of your projects, time and costs, staff and invoicing from anywhere.

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Best employee gift ideas this Covid Christmas

Posted by Sharnee on 29/11/2021

2020 and 2021 have been the strangest years of our existence. It has flipped everything as we know it upside down and required some very ingenious improvisation. Choosing a unique and personalised Christmas gift to show your staff appreciation can be challenging enough. Throw Covid into the mix and it’s another kettle of fish. Christmas is all about togetherness and fun. And in these times of social distancing and when most people are still working from home, now more than ever it is important to look after our employees, support our customers, and aid our communities.

We’ve put together a list of personalised gift pack ideas you could arrange to be delivered to your amazing staff’s door to say a very special thanks this Covid Christmas.

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Top 4 ways to increase productivity at work

Posted by Sharnee on 05/10/2021

1. Plan out your day

Before you sift through your hundreds of new emails, voice messages and start on that task you've been putting off all week, grab your morning coffee and set out a schedule for your day. Seems simple enough but this is the number one rule to increase productivity. 

Set a timer for each of the tasks and layout when you're going to get each task done by. e.g.


8.30-8.45am - Plan day

8.45-9.45 - Reply to emails, phone call, chase up supplies

9-45-10.30 - Go over blueprints for the Jones' job

10.30-10.45 - Morning break


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