Simple, smart tips to generate more profit


Let's face it, you're in business to make money. If you’re not getting through the work at hand nor making as much money as you think you could be, then the first place to look is how you manage your revenue generation and your expenses. That's what this guide is all about.

Generate more profit 

It's a saying you'll have heard before: do you work ON your business, or IN your business? The difference can be significant when it comes to your profit margins. That margin is between what you can invoice (based on client fee expectations given inherent fee resistance and competition), and your overhead costs and staff salary expectations. And this can often be tighter than you'd like.


Whatever the scale of your business, keeping your ‘house in order’ is what’s important. By that, we mean your business information systems and how you use them to manage your business. It’s no good relying on luck and hoping for the best; if you want to leverage luck to your advantage, you need to be orderly, systematic, and obsessive about planning and managing your business.


What we've done is put together an eBook to help you get, and keep, your house in order.



  • Focus on what’s important in running a professional services firm

  • Discuss how projects of any size can be completed on time and on budget

  • Address ways to manage the invoicing, the collection of revenue, and expenses

  • Clarify responsibilities and roles in money management in your business


Running a business is a science and an art, with the goal of keeping it making money as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. You're growing, and maintaining, an asset.


Efficient management of your business is down to how well you know it and being able to identify the areas that need improvement. You'll be surprised how much it can boost your profits. Download our eBook, and learn how to become orderly, systematic, and obsessive about planning and management to achieve your end goal. Remember: it's your business. The buck - literally - stops with you.


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Five-Part Business Management Video Series

In our short 4 minute videos we will cover, your
• Strategy    • Processes   • Plans   
• Knowing your numbers   • How getting better never stops

Take control and manage your business better.

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