What Surveyors Need in Their Project Management Software


Are you a surveyor looking to streamline your project management process?

How is your surveying business going? Do you know exactly where you are up to on that project? 

Pam O'Leary from Abtrac delves into the everyday challenges surveyors face in running their businesses.

She also highlights crucial features in project management software for surveyors, that can assist in keeping you and your team on the right path.



Here are the top features you should consider when choosing your project management software for surveyors:


Where are you up to on a project? Overall, time spent vs budget

At any given moment, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your project's progress. Are you aware of your current position in the project? How much time has been dedicated to it? And what is the allocated budget? Stay informed and in control with real-time updates and data analysis.


Breaking down projects into stages, tracking changes and variations

When it comes to project management software for surveyors, it is essential to have the ability to break down projects into smaller stages. This allows for greater control and organization throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. By breaking down projects into manageable stages, surveyors can track changes and variations that may occur along the way.


WIP reporting - Awareness is crucial

Stay on top of your project's progress with comprehensive Work in Progress (WIP) reports. By regularly reviewing WIP reports, you can analyze the efficiency of your team's work, identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and make necessary adjustments to ensure timely project completion. Know whether you need to allocate additional resources or reallocate tasks; WIP reporting provides valuable insights into the overall progress of your projects.


Planning and Forecasting work

Planning for what you've got is essential for surveyors to effectively manage their workload and resources. However, it's equally important to recognize when there isn't enough work to keep your team busy. To address these challenges, it is crucial to choose a project management software that offers robust forecasting capabilities.

 Whether it's pursuing new projects, allocating resources to different teams, or exploring proposals and collaborative opportunities with other firms,  forecasting will empower you to make strategic decisions that keep your team productive and your business thriving, avoiding any last-minute scrambling or overstaffing.


Invoicing layouts

When it comes to invoicing, it is essential for surveyors to be able to meet their clients' specific requirements. Some clients may have unique preferences when it comes to the layout and information included on their invoices and a project management software for surveyors should be able to cater to that need.


Tracking pre-payments or deposits

Great project management software for surveyors understands that project managers and finance managers both need to track pre-payments.

No need to untangle deposits paid or get in a mess with the final bill. Keep your WIP and time assigned to invoices accurate.

No need to wait for the accounts team to confirm that you can start work. No risk of logging time on a job that hasn't been paid yet.


Invoice and time reporting

Supplement reports to be sent with invoices and timesheet sign offs on the job as a proof of why you are billing the amount in the invoice. 

Impress your clients by giving professional, personalized invoices that includes all necessary details and evidence like by including time reports, timesheet sign offs and supplement reports. 


Seamless Integration

Efficiently manage your data by choosing a project management software that seamlessly integrates with your accounting tools. This eliminates the need for manual data transfer, saving you precious time and reducing errors due to rekeying data.


How does your Project Management Time and Cost System stack up? 

Don't compromise on your project management experience! Invest in a software that caters specifically to the needs of surveyors. Enhance efficiency and data management by choosing the right tool for your projects. 

If you're ready to take a look at Abtrac, and talk about how we can help you switch from your current system then we'd be happy to hear from you.

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