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Moving along with the times - Cloud Time Management Software

Posted by Edward - CEO on 16/07/2015

Vintage car

“Yes I remember now. Software didn’t always used to be in the cloud; that’s right. How funny it seems today looking back on it.”

Remember when people used to wind down the car windows to keep cool on a summer’s day. Today you’d assume any new car will have air conditioning and electric windows as standard. It only took a few years for both functionalities to go from ‘top of the range’ to all vehicles, and thus become the new normal.


We’re living through the same thing with cloud computing. It’s on the transition path right now and will shortly be the new normal. We’ll be saying to younger folk “remember when ..” and they’ll patiently indulge our reminiscing, oblivious to the fact that not so long ago, software used to run on ‘servers’ and we had to ‘install’ software it to get it to work. Duh!!


There was a common myth a few years back along the lines that the US military and ‘the space race’ were the drivers behind technology evolution. What rubbish!


Typewriter and tabletThe reason any technology changes or indeed any change or fashion gets traction, gains momentum and becomes popular is because people like it. They like it because it works for them. It suits their life-style. Sure there’s always some people at either end of the normal distribution curve who are slower to go with the flow, or decide to go their own way. And there’s some slick marketing around some fads, with hefty incentives or commissions enticing trusted advisors to recommend change.


But there’s no doubt that cloud computing is rapidly becoming the new normal.


Abtrac has been in the cloud since 2013. The more we use it ourselves, and the more we hear others extolling the benefits they get from it, the happier I am we invested in developing our cloud version - Abtrac Online. And it is a wonderful piece of software!! A professionally designed and built web site and equally beautifully crafted underneath.


You don’t have buy that new server. You should Abtrac cloudlook at a Surface (I love my Surface) or at least a touch screen laptop instead of a new PC. And with cloud, your biggest technology decision is which browser to use. Backups and installs and remote access are a thing of the past.


What is becoming today’s new normal is something I’ll look back on fondly when I get older. I’ll tell my grand-children “I was part of that”. And they’ll look at me with love and compassion thinking “whatever”, or whatever the future saying for ‘whatever’ is. :-)


Have I mentioned how pleased I am with Abtrac Online? Try it yourself just for fun.Start my FREE trial now!


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