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5 Reasons why it's time to replace your Excel timesheet

Posted by William on 11/06/2020

We’re more than halfway through 2020 and people still are using Excel timesheets!

These are the same people that get excited about driverless cars, being able to order your dinner from your smartphone or even having robots vacuum their house. The companies that give you these products are guaranteed not to record their precious information in something as simple as Excel, and neither should you.

Here are the signs it’s time to replace your Excel timesheets:

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QUICK TIP - How to manage your Debtors Invoice Payments

Posted by William on 02/10/2015

With Abtrac Debtor Management invoice payments and outstanding accounts can be managed independently from your accounting software.

You can record invoice payments, account for write-offs and adjustments, and report on your debtors from this add-on module.


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QUICK TIP - User Specific Settings

Posted by William on 25/09/2015

Abtrac lets you customise different of settings within the system so that Abtrac can suit your business needs better.

There are two types of settings that you can change. Site wide settings so that all users have the same settings or sometimes you want to setting just for yourself to make your Abtrac experience just a little bit more personalised.

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QUICK TIP - Make timesheets even easier with Activity Codes

Posted by William on 18/08/2015

Activity Codes

To make entering your timesheets even easier with Abtrac you can setup Activity Codes. Activity codes are used to classify the type of work people are doing on a job. You can also setup whether activity codes are billable, non-billable or both billable and non-billable jobs when entering Timesheets.

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QUICK TIP - Layout the screens, just how you want it!

Posted by William on 13/08/2015

Abtrac User Control Settings

Every business is different and at Abtrac we let you control what you see, and how much you see on some of your most commonly used screens.

With the user control settings you are able to manage the design of the following screens by stipulating what fields appear, the position of the fields, and their widths. For example, do you want to enter your timesheets and have your date first or your client? Do you use activities or do you want to hide that and give the space to another field? With the user control settings you can control what you see.

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QUICK TIP - Periodic / Recurring Invoices

Posted by William on 21/07/2015

Don’t you wish that you could easily generate those invoices in one big batch and save hours of time?

Sometimes you have a client/clients that you will end up billing the exact same amount month in and month out. With Abtrac’s Periodic / Recurring invoices you can do this.

This has been a feature in Abtrac for years but here is a quick guide on how it works.

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