Architects & Engineers, are you Missing Out?


Are you frustrated by your month end invoicing routine?

Is your invoice processing vulnerable to delays and uncertainty?

What if you could get your invoices out within 3 days of month end instead of 3 weeks, and with a higher level of confidence in their integrity? Imagine the impact on your cash flow. Imagine the impact on office productivity.


Imagine the impact on yourself.

The secret is simple. 

Start using a system that helps you do it all more easily. That’ll mean taking time to investigate options. But imagine the benefits when you find one that that works for you.

Here’s a couple of facts from surveys we’ve conducted.

  • 67% of architectural and professional engineering practices essentially run on ‘home grown’ systems.
  • 25% of billable time in architectural and professional engineering practices is routinely written off.

So one purpose of this blog? I want to tell you that you’re not alone. That’s small comfort. But there is a better way.

The first step
 is to realise things don’t have to be difficult.


The second step is to realise at the end of the day the decision is yours. Anyone can give you advice. But what do they know about the processing and other issues in your business beyond the generic assumptions ‘Anyone’ could make. You have to do the homework and make the decision yourself. It cannot be outsourced.

You want a system that tells you straight away, “Where are we up to? What should we invoice? Is this an extra or part of the scope?”

And honestly, finding such a system that’ll help you isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t have to be a huge effort.

A previous blog outlines some of the bigger issues we’ve found from our surveying. And conveniently Abtrac solves each one of them. Our survey is backed up by comments from new Abtrac clients as they’ve felt comfortable enough with us to acknowledge their previous internal issues.

We’ve also posted blogs such as Three Issues Facing Professional Services Firms, and How to Overcome Them and many more.


The second purpose of this blog is to let you see what we have on our web pages and hopefully within them, you’ll see there is indeed a better way – and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

How does your system measure up? Do you think it could be better?

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