Abtrac + Xero

The ultimate business solution.

Synchronising Abtrac with Xero makes life easier for everyone.
You get efficient project management AND up to date finance details - with no delays and no double entry.

Abtrac + Xero Integrating

Xero + Abtrac Integrating2

Better together

Abtrac are Xero accredited developers

Being accredited means that we are kept in the loop with Xero development paths so we can always give the best connection solution to our clients.

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Use Abtrac’s Project Management and Prebilling reports to easily create invoices.

Reporting and analysis is always up to date.

Send invoices from Abtrac or from Xero.

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Payments for invoices in Xero are synced back to Abtrac.

Payroll leave details are always up to date.

Project Managers can release site certificates without checking in with the Accounts team.

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Copy invoices to Xero

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Keep payments in sync

Copy Bills to Abtrac Projects

Copy bills to Abtrac projects

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Make payroll simple

How it works

Match your Xero chart of accounts to your invoicing in Abtrac.

If you run separate accounts, each office or department in Abtrac can sync to their own accounts file.

When Abtrac is aligned with your accounts, you can push Abtrac invoices to Xero.

You can import bills from Xero to Abtrac projects.
Client created in Abtrac are shared also. Keep in mind that Xero doesn’t have the ability to track jobs in any way, so you’ll be linking to Xero Contacts.

Paid and overdue invoices can be kept in sync.

Payroll details can also be shared.
Leave is tracked by matching non-billable Abtrac projects to Xero leave types. Or use Abtrac activities instead.

Xero Add ons

Link Abtrac with Xero

Efficient project management and up to date financial details.
No delays and no double entry.


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