Can I get my data out?

A question we're sometimes asked is, "Can I get my data out of Abtrac for any reason?"

This is a reasonable question. and we understand it's a big commitment to put your valuable business data into the hands of any third party. And it is especially so when committing to Abtrac, because you're still in the early stages of your relationship with us.

The answer is of course yes! 

It's your data.

All client and job details, timesheet and disbursements, invoices and more can all be extracted at any time.

In several pages within Abtrac, and in all reports, you can download a CSV of the data you see on screen. So for example if you want to extract all your clients data, that can be done from a Search page within Abtrac.

Similarly job details, timesheet and disbursement entries can also all be extracted from other Abtrac Online pages.

Finally any report you can see on screen can be exported as a CSV, XL file or other standard formats as you may want. So simply enter the parameters such as dates, after finding the report you want and download the data in it.

I hope this all helps in your decision about Abtrac. Email us any further query or concern if not.

What happens to your data if you stop using Abtrac:

In the unlikely event you want to stop using Abtrac, once your payments have stopped we’ll suspend your access to Abtrac if we receive no notification nor any response to prompting emails we will send you. After 3 months we will completely purge all your data from our system for your own protection, and ours.

We will also do the purge sooner, at your request.