Top 4 ways to increase productivity at work


Here are some great tips to increase productivity at work.

1. Plan out your dayincrease productivity - planning

Before you sift through your hundreds of new emails, voice messages and start on that task you've been putting off all week, grab your morning coffee and set out a schedule for your day. Seems simple enough but this is the number one rule to increase productivity. 

Set a timer for each of the tasks and layout when you're going to get each task done by. e.g.


8.30-8.45am - Plan day

8.45-9.45 - Reply to emails, phone call, chase up supplies

9-45-10.30 - Go over blueprints for the Jones' job

10.30-10.45 - Morning break


Everyone has a certain time of day which they are more productive than others. Optimise your schedule accordingly for your prime productivity time for those more important tasks.
Having said this, I'd also suggest getting your most dreaded task done and dusted in the morning. That way it isn't weighing you down causing you to spend more time thinking about that task than the one at hand.

Allow for 1.5hours of unassigned time. Sometimes you'll get bailed up on the phone for longer than expected or an urgent task will come in. Don't throw your day (and stress levels!) out with unexpected things that crop up, stay on top of your game!


2. Have a break!

I know what you're thinking, taking a break seems rather counter intuitive but think again. Research has proven that taking scheduled breaks actually helps improve concentration levels whereas working on tasks without any breaks whatsoever leads to a downhill decline in your performance.

Take a walk down the road or make yourself a coffee - free your mind for a bit before you power back into it.


3. Destroying all distractionszoom meeting pic2-1215704164-612x612

We all like to be in the know of what's going on, but phone calls, email/social media notifications and having lots of web browsers open aren't going to benefit you. Actually, they are highly likely to take you away from your train of thought and the project you're working on, making you that little bit further behind. Again, schedule in times to check these around 3 times a day depending on your profession and make it a rule to only check your personal notifications on your breaks.

Pick and choose your meetings. Before you plan a meeting or say you'll attend one, ask yourself if you can accomplish the same tasks via a phone call or email.


4. Don't multitask - yes, even the women!increase productivity -  multi-tasking

Studies are an amazing thing and have shown us yet again that multi-tasking is not productive. Attempting several tasks at once will not only lead to a decrease in loss of time and productivity but also an increase in stress levels. Set a rule and commit to focusing on one thing at a time for optimum productivity.


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