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Top 30 Christmas gifts for employees

Posted by Sharnee on 19/12/2018

Your dedicated staff play a major role in the success of your business. And good employers reward staff with more than just a paycheck. They make them feel worthy, respected, and most importantly, valued. 

This holiday season, make sure you show your appreciation with one of the Christmas gifts for employees ideas that are unique and personalised to your staff. 


We give you our top 30 ideas to on how to say an extra special Christmas thank you: 

  1. Wine gift card

  1. Restaurant voucher

  1. Noise cancelling headphones 

  1. Aromatherapy gift sets

  2. Tea infusers

  1. Messenger bag

  1. Herb garden

  1. Picnic set

  1. Fitness band

  1. Bluetooth speakers

  1. Wireless headphones

  1. Cook book, apron and utensils

  1. Themed hampers (BBQ, Coffee, Gourmet, Sweet, Chocolate, Christmas, Artisan, Picnic, Cheese, Beach, Garden etc)

  1. Family zoo pass

  1. Beer brewing kit 

  1. Terrarium

  1. Kindle

  1. Drone

  1. Portable phone charger or charging dock

  1. Cooking classes

  1. Manicure & Pedicure

  1. Glamping weekend

  1. Wine tour

  1. Movie tickets

  1. Multi tool set

  1. Journal and luxury pen

  1. A paid "family day off" or paid time off between Christmas and New Year's

  1. Bottle stopper, wine aerator and a bottle of wine

  1. Supermarket gift card

  1. Perfume, soaps and bath bombs

So there you have it - 30 Christmas gift ideas for employees that will bring cheer to any staff member. But be sure to include a handwritten note and get those warm fuzzies flowing!   


What other great gift ideas have you discovered? Share your favourites in the comments below.

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