It’s About Time Things Got Easy


Businesses work hard; way too hard, ensuring their administration work is spotless. So much so that some businesses have admin staff numbering close to the number of professionals in their business.

admin staff-1Administration staff are very important to any business organisation. However, many businesses rely on costly and wasteful administration teams tackling their job using a myriad of spreadsheets and convoluted work flows. In the end, the work gets done. But have you ever felt that things could have been a lot easier?

Workplace scenarios around the world are ever changing. Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Yes, we all want better results but fear doing things differently, even to help ourselves.

Let’s see how we can make small changes and make things that little bit easier. Because it’s about time things got easier!!


Avoid double entries of data


data entryIn a business where you do time-based work, selling your expertise, accurate information regarding the time spent and work done is crucial. Too often, admin staff retrospectively enter this data into a spreadsheet from a diary, a bit of paper or even worse, from the memory of the professional staff.

Replace this with a simple system with a friendly and intuitive user interface, so all staff enter their information themselves accurately, as and when they are doing their jobs. Immediately savings are made and corresponding accuracy and timeliness is significantly improved.


Move with the times


cloud computing-1Switch your desktop application system to the cloud. Cloud computing applications are web-based so that you can access them through any browser on any contemporary internet connection. With more and more people working a hybrid WFH and office scenario, being able to access your business systems from anywhere is now a ‘must have’.

Little things making life a lot easier will also go a long way towards improving your cash flow and creating more profit for your business. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them before.

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It’s about time things got easier. And we’ll be pleased to help if you reach out.

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