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SurveyPlusAfter 10 years of owning a business, I've learned that my instincts and 'gut' are often correct. But having the data to either back them up or shut them up is invaluable. There's no time spent worrying about what might be happening - you already know.
No one loves the idea of filling out a timesheet, but if your systems are set up thoroughly and accurately using a provider such as Abtrac, they can be extremely simple and take only a minute or two each day. And the rewards are enormous, as most surveying firms are perfectly structured to measure their inputs and outputs extremely accurately when compared to many other professions.

- Myles from SurveyPlus| Sydney, Australia

BBEGroupBBE continues to look for ways to improve our service to clients.
A successful project is measured by high quality technical deliverables as well as the customer experience during project execution.
Abtrac allows us to schedule and manage projects ensuring our teams deliver on time and on budget. It also ensures we have the data available to meet client project reporting needs.

- Leon from BBE Group| Perth, Australia

Our ability to know what was happening in the business is no longer an issue and we have just appointed 3 more consultants even though the country is 50% locked down.
I would just like to mention how reliable and effective your software product is and how, with a little bit of training, easy it is to use. It is clear that it has been designed by a business person and not a code cutter.
The amendments to reports you have made for us have been terrific and my team have taken to the system and onboarded really well.

- John from Risk Management Essentials| Melbourne, Australia

I really feel valued as a customer whenever we interact and that’s so important in this day and age where the majority can treat you like you’re just a number or a sale. Whenever I need help, it’s available in an instant and the team really listen to any software suggestions I might have (no matter how ridiculous!) which is a constant reminder that they are here to give us the best they can offer. Would highly recommend, not just from the customer support aspect but for how easy and intuitive the software is to use.

- Emma from The Surveying Company | Wellington, New Zealand

I’ve just finished the invoice training session with Edward and although there was a lot to take in, I feel confident attempting the process on my own. I know the backup is superb and always at hand if & when needed. Your support is excellent – no problem too small (or large) to help with.

We have found this software not only a wonderful benefit to the company, but also so seamless to implement. You’ve taken the ‘hard work’ out of the software & thought of everything.

Thanks again, and please pass on my compliments to Edward. He deserves the accolades.

- Deborah from SBA Architects | Sydney, Australia

Vision Surveys is extremely happy with the program and it's implementation
Our company captures information based on many variables and the support staff have helped us to manipulate the system to allow us to set up, capture and report on these variables.
The cost of implemantation, training and monthly user subscriptions is very reasonable and software support is fantastic. Capturing timesheet hours and expenditure costing direct to the projects is great. The reports are extensive and the support staff assist with any changes of tweaks required to get the information we want to see. We invoice direct from the program and import the invoices to our accounting software.

- Sarah from Vision Surveys| Queensland, Australia

I have no hesitation in recommending this software, we have been using Abtrac for over 15 years and moved to the web based system a few years ago and although Abtrac was completely re-written for the web based system our staff have had no problems re-learning their way around.
We have employees with a range of computer skills, it's important that we had software that was easy to use and Abtrac comes to the party with professional setup, training and support. Abtrac's time tracking software allows us to manage projects, track employee hours and monitor expenses easily you don't need an extensive education to use this software it is easy to use with the added benefit of being web-based. You can generate standard reports or filter reports to your required specifications for time spent on projects, tasks, budgets, hours, expenses and invoice virtually putting together whatever you require from the reporting functions.

- Cindy from Thorburn Consultants| Auckland, New Zealand

Enspire Solutions LogoThe buying process was seriously easy and seamless. I did a lot testing with the trial before committing to Abtrac. I knew of Abtrac previously from a couple of colleagues who were using it in their businesses and they spoke highly of it.

We’ve found it easy to grow rapidly and scale up our business with Abtrac being an integral part of our infrastructure.
It has helped to systemise our processes, whilst adding value to our business. When new staff come on board we provide them with a welcome pack, which includes showing them core functionality within Abtrac, including how to navigate projects and other areas they need to manage. Our team are all enthusiastic Abtrac users.

It’s great to see Abtrac take on board our feedback and implement new features and functionality – a real testament to the value you provide. We appreciate being able to work closely with the team at Abtrac to our mutual advantage.

- Cameron from Enspire Solutions | Sydney, Australia 
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The thing I love is the support. You ring up and there’s someone there who can help you.

– Elise from Environmental Property Services
Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia
The reason I like Abtrac is you can talk to people. It’s like having your own IT department.

– Paula from AT&L
Sydney & Brisbane, Australia

Just a big thank you for such a smooth transition from the desktop version to Abtrac online. I can honestly say this was the smoothest and easiest software conversion I have ever experienced in my life. Well done. I am a big fan of ABTRAC and the support team in New Zealand is amazing!

- Cilla van Heerden from Terra Consultants
Auckland, New Zealand
Hybrid.pngYour help this year has enabled Hybrid to transition from 100% Excel based claims into 100% MYOB/Abtrac claims.

- Clark D. Bainbridge, Director from Hybrid Residential Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand

It’s been really nice not having to build and maintain our own systems. And it’s made us much more productive. Support is excellent. We made the right decision.

– Glenn from Acoustic Directions
Sydney, Australia
I’ve got to say I’m blown away with how good Abtrac is. It’s like a new toy and I’m loving it.

– David from David Smith Surveyors
Ashburton, New Zealand

Thanks for your support and assistance in getting us set up with Abtrac and your patience when we ring up with issues to be solved.  It has been a pleasure working with you all even though we have not met (apart from Ed).

- Marg from Staig & Smith Ltd
Nelson, New Zealand
Abtrac is a very flexible software system with great customer support and loads of reporting options.
We love the accurate project costings against budgets.
It captures all data relating to a project in one place with good tracking and reporting on budgets and sub-consultant costs.

- Caroline from Tennent Brown Architects
Wellington, New Zealand

It's a system you can rely on and is kept up to date in a changing world of technology. ”
I like the aspect that you can record your time and it is collated in an easy formulated reporting functions, is available on the cloud and the customer support staff are always willing to help and fix any problems that may occur. Customisation of the software is available too.

- Alannah from Cato Bolam Consultants
Auckland, New Zealand
Moving to Abtrac stopped me double entering invoices, and manually typing them out from MYOB.
I use it mostly to track time, and love it how the invoices capture the time spent and are generated with a push of a button.
We receive great customer support, just a phone call away

- Ruby from Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick
West Perth, Australia

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