Become an Abtrac Value Added Reseller (VAR)

 Join our valued added reseller programme. Tells others about Abtrac and discuss with them what it can do for their business. We are currently actively looking for VARs.


Earn a Minimum of 30% Commission.

  • Check out our pricing page and work out your commission per client of 5, 15, or 50 staff that you sign to Abtrac.
  • As you sign up more Abtrac clients, the commission goes up.
  • Well segmented territories to make it worth your while, if you're an active VAR.
  • We will handle all ongoing support.


Earn Fees by providing Abtrac Consulting Services.

  • Help Abtrac clients through a successful Abtrac launch and invoice them directly for your time and Abtrac expertise.
  • We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to learn about Abtrac and how to on-sell Abtrac services.
  • Or leave that up to us and simply bring us the well qualified and committed client and we will handle the rest.

*Based on $NZD or $AUD.
Other countries are at their relative exchange rate.


If you have any existing base of clients in our niche to whom you're currently selling other software packages or business services, consider adding Abtrac to your portfolio. It's another reason to go back around all your clients. And it's another compelling reason to choose you instead of someone else when you're pitching to new clients. 

Contact us using the Enquiry form below.

Learn more about what exactly is Abtrac

But it doesn’t stop there…

If you want to get up and running as an Abtrac Value Added Reseller, we offer the following at no cost:


  • One FREE copy of Abtrac online complete with a 5 user license for your business.
  • A single user demonstration license with demonstration data pre-loaded.
  • Training in your offices or online.
  • Free support assistance for you if needed, pre and post sales to your clients.
  • Leads from us to prospects in your territory.
  • And we’ll keep you in the loop on all quotes and proposals to our mutual clients.
As you’d expect, terms and conditions apply to all the above. These are documented in our Abtrac Partnership Agreement.

Enquire now!

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AU: 1800 218 434 or NZ: 0800 422 8722. We’d love to hear from you.

Enquiries  outside  of  Australia  and  New  Zealand  are  also  welcome.  Enquire  below  or  call  +64 9 412 9294.