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Does 'heritage' constrain good business management?

Posted by Heidi on 17/01/2018
If you wouldn’t mind, we would like to take a second of your day to consider office systems … we would like to know what you use to manage your projects, timesheets, expenses, and invoices?  


We will be willing to bet that the most obvious answer to that questions is spreadsheets. A good old Excel workbook. But of course there are always variations:

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Will robots and automation take my job?

Posted by Edward - CEO on 06/07/2017

A friend sent me an email with a URL, “You have to look at this", he wrote.

The site is based on a mathematical analysis of the probability of automation in a range of professional services. It also has the prognosis for each, through to 2024. That’s only 7 years away!!

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What makes our job management software different?

Posted by Sharnee on 28/03/2017

As you already know, Abtrac is a cloud based job management software package used by professionals who require real time job tracking software. But what really makes Abtrac so much more valuable than other packages? It's simple:

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