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QUICK TIP - Search Clients, Contacts & Projects

Posted by William on 14/07/2015

In AbtracOnLine you can search and quickly access a range of project related data from Clients, Contacts & Projects > Search.

The Search screen allows you to preview a wide selection of Clients, Contacts and Projects data.

It’s also a handy place to browse information before drilling down to specific client details.



This article is for AbtracOnLine, follow this link for the Abtrac 5 version

‘Off the shelf” the Search screen displays the following fields : Client/Contact Names, Project Description, Project Owner, Project Creation Dates, Project Codes, Project Type, Project Status, and Project Comments.

You change the display order of these fields from Administration > User Control Settings > by choosing the “Contacts and Projects – Search” page

Here you can also add Contact Owner, Person, Phone, Email, and Address details to your default view. You can also change the position and widths of your chosen fields within the search table.


Search Table User Control Settings – AbtracOnLine



For each of these search categories you can either enter a name (or partial name) to search for. You can enter search options in more than one column to further refine your results.

Results will display automatically after typing or filtering with the search boxes. Clicking on the Contact Name or Project Code will take you directly to that record.


Search options – AbtracOnLine


Typing “street” in the project description will bring up all projects that include that word . For a more inclusive search you can enter a partial word, eg. typing “st” will include more results.

Searching in more than one field refines your results. e.g typing the client name and project description eliminates results from other clients. You can clear the current search with the ‘x’ at the left of the search bar.6_clientsandprojectssearchboxmultiple

Refined/Mulitple search – AbtracOnLine


Filter and Sort

You can also filter search results in the project status and type columns.


Filter search – AbtracOnLine


Choose how results are sorted by clicking on the relevant header, a black arrow will then display to indicate the current sort order.


Search results sort order – AbtracOnLine


Search Options and Criteria

By clicking on the search icon you can further refine how the search is run. ‘Contains’ is the most common search method but you can change these options for individual searches


Search results options – AbtracOnLine


The default search setting will show current clients and projects only, you can amend this by selecting the search criteria option at the top of the search screen.


Search criteria – AbtracOnLine


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