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QUICK TIP - How to manage your Debtors Invoice Payments

Posted by William on 02/10/2015

With Abtrac Debtor Management invoice payments and outstanding accounts can be managed independently from your accounting software.

You can record invoice payments, account for write-offs and adjustments, and report on your debtors from this add-on module.




From Debtor Management choose Invoices and Payments.
Like most screens in AbtracOnLine you can change the display order of these fields from Administration > User Control Settings > by choosing the “Debtors – Invoice and Payments” page.


Debtors Invoice1

Debtors Invoice2


The Invoices and Payments screen filters by the Paid column, and will show only Unpaid (Unchecked) invoices by default.

The print option will display the invoiced and outstanding amounts for the current selection.


Debtors Invoice3


Recording Payments

To record an invoice payment click the button on the corresponding invoice row.


Debtors Invoice4


From the payments pop up there are four payment events to choose from: Payments Received, Journal Adjustments, Discounts Given and Uneconomic events written off. These four options are then used in debtor reporting (which we’ll cover in a later article).


Debtors Invoice5


You can also entered detailed comments with each payment event. You’ll need to save your entries before closing this screen.

Once the payment(s) equal the invoice amount the invoice will automatically be marked as Paid in Full with the latest/most recent payment event date.


Debtors Invoice6


This date can be reset or changed back in the record payments screen and is used as the date for payments in Debtor reporting.


Debtors Invoice7


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