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Make 2017 a Year to Remember!

Posted by Edward - CEO on 19/01/2017

Don’t drift into and through this New Year. Make 2017 count and a year to remember.

Your Spotify playlist is back to the way the gods intended. It no longer includes Snoopy’s Christmas, nor Santa Baby. Those golden oldies are set aside for another year. The Christmas period is over.

Are you feeling this holiday break went too quickly? Stand by, because you’ll be even more surprised at how this whole year will also disappear. So here’s a tip. Don’t waste it!


Make 2017 count.Setting-goals-2017.jpg

There are about 200 working days before the next Christmas break. To finish 2017 in a better place than 2016, to feel you’ve really achieved something, to look back next Christmas and say “Wow have we nailed it or have we really nailed it!!!”, you have to make every one of those 200 working days count.

But fresh into the year there’s no need to stress about it. It’s actually quite easy.

Set some goals (cliché cliché). Where do you want to be at the end of this New Year?

Don’t be faint-hearted, mealy-mouthed nor pussy-foot around. Hit it while you’re fresh. Hit it with big hopes and a ton of motivation. And be really ambitious. Think big.

What’s wrong with wanting to do much, much better? So let’s make 2017 count.


But where do you start?Business-goals-setting-2017-making-a-plan2.jpg

Imagine it, write it down, draw a picture or sketch out some numbers – however you want to do it, consider this, “How do you want to feel about your business when next Christmas comes around?”

That’s the real goal. One goal. I told you it was easy.

  1. How do we get there? Write down the biggest things you’d like to get on top of. “I would be feeling really great about my business if ….”

Underneath each of them put down the steps that can be taken to improve that particular issue. Don’t be overwhelmed with possible set-backs or constraints. Don’t talk yourself out of things. Life’s too short. “Here’s something I want to achieve. How do I get there?” And you know the rules, set up measures to track how you’re going, and commit to some ‘due by’ dates.


Then what?Meeting-300x300.jpg

Talk about it with others and feel good about it. Then put the whole thing in a draw and go back to doing whatever you really like doing.

I don’t think so!!!

The reason we don’t achieve goals is because we too easily drift back into our former ways. We waste time. We go for short term rewards rather than thinking longer term. And we kid ourselves everything is OK.

There’s a fine line between laissez faire and just plain lazy. If you’re a business owner, manager or director, you need to manage and direct the business, and not just “go along with things”. If the last few decades have taught us anything it’s that the business environment can become rough and suddenly you’re behind the 8-ball. I see many other companies completely in that space. Some don’t even realise they’ve missed the bus. They’re stuck with old product, old methodologies and old jargon that they’re still trying to push.

Don’t be one of those. Make 2017 count – big time.

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