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Value Your Staff: 5 Personal Christmas Thank You Ideas

Posted by Sharnee on 24/11/2016

As the year closes in on us and holiday season approaches, it's a great time to reflect on the years achievements and all those that made them possible - your amazing staff.

Your staff form the bones of your business. And studies have proven that employees that feel valued and have great job satisfaction, tend to be more productive and loyal to a business.

So how do you show your gratitude and make them feel extra warm and fuzzy inside on a more personal level?
We give you our top 5 ideas on how to say an extra special Christmas thank you.


1. Personalised Gifts

It's easy to give your staff a Christmas Hamper and some wine so why not go above and beyond! Think about your staffs interests/hobbies and show you appreciate them with tailored gift.

  • Perhaps a year zoo pass for someone with a family.
  • A vineyard tour for the wine enthusiast.
  • A night in a fancy hotel with late checkout for someone with a young baby.
  • A bungy pass for the adrenaline junkie.
  • A night at the Opera for the more sophisticated.

Putting that extra bit of thought into a gift goes along way and not only shows you take an interest in your staff outside of work, but also that you appreciate and value all that they bring to the table. Plus, let's be honest, a hamper is usually re-gifted anyway...

Below are some unique gift ideas which are sure to leave an impression:




 Kindle Activity & Sleep Tracker


 Waterproof, wireless speakers


Wine Travel Bag & Picnic Set  


Action Sports Camera 

2. Tell your staff to take an extra days leave

Bonus' are great and all but why not surprise your staff by insisting they return to work on the 10th of January instead of the 9th as a wee perk!
Nothing says thank you with an unexpected day off. Watch the warm fuzzies grow inside as that huge grin creeps over their faces at the thought of one more day at the beach.

3. Twelve days of Christmas

"On the first day of Christmas, my boss-man gave to me, some chocolates with a strong coffee".

Spread the Christmas joy! In the lead up to Christmas imagine arrive at your desk each morning and finding a little something left by one of Santa's little helpers. Perhaps a scratchie, gourmet cupcake, pot plant, Christmas mince pies, lollies, a candle or a note book with a personal message from the CEO.
Your employees will start their day with a smile on their face and be eager to come into work to discover what little something they'll find waiting for them. Then sit back, and enjoy the buzz that you've created in the office as your staff feel valued.

4. Unplanned staff function

Surprise! We're all going to blow off the rest of the day with an early lunch followed by the afternoon on a fishing charter.
Not only will this excite your staff, but with the craziness in the lead up to Christmas, team outings are a great way to reduce stress, increase the staff bond and learn a little more about each other outside the office.

5. Say it, don't write it

Take the time to talk to each of your staff individually and show your appreciation for their attributes and wonderful accomplishments during the year. A heartfelt thank you and much deserved phrase means far more than a card and is often more meaningful than any gift you could present them.
Take this opportunity to ask them how they'd like to grow within your company in the coming year and perhaps offer the opportunity to develop on their skills further with a short course in the area they're interested in.

Your customers are the foundation of your business and your staff are the internal structures, so make them feel valued, respected and important because without them, your enterprise wouldn't be possible.


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