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Business setting goals 2017: What have you planned for your company?

Posted by Sharnee on 01/12/2016

With the New Year fast approaching us, it's time to take the opportunity to reassess your business plan and start setting goals for 2017. Taking the time to assess your current situation and set new targets does take a wee bit of time but it is an investment that pays off.

Below are the 4 step to creating meaningful goals that you'll actually follow through on.


What is the current situation?Setting goals 2017: Looking at the current situation

Sit down with a pad and paper and look at where your business is at present and ask yourself, where do you want it be? We all want a billion dollar company that practically runs itself but look at your current circumstances with regards to your in and out goings, your process in which you deliver your service or product, your sales steps and your current clientele.  Once you have a clear picture of how things look currently, you can plan for an even bigger canvas and set the process you need to go through in order to achieve this master piece.



Setting goals 2017: RoadmapPlanning a strategic roadmap

Work on a 5 year plan and focus on milestones to complete in this time. Much like planning to build a house from scratch, you'll need to set out the steps to complete in order to reach your overall goal. Start with the foundations and build on your road map from there. Set yearly targets as well as tasks you can complete in a shorter time frame that will help you accomplish those long term goals.




Setting goals 2017: Taking small steps in the right directionTaking small steps

Set monthly, even weekly tasks to help build the first blocks to reach your end result. If you're looking to increase sales, offer a special promo which you can push on social media and run adverts for.  Perhaps set higher targets for your sale reps and increase the reward. Or maybe you're after more traffic to your website and to increase your search ranking - make time to start blogging and publish a post twice a week (take a look at blog ideas here) or schedule time for a staff member to regularly update the content on your website so information is always relevant and up-to-date.
Understanding that any small steps (whatever they may be) do take up extra time but if you're wanting to grow your company and move forward, actions need to be taken in order to develop and expand.



Setting goals 2017: Staying focusedStaying on track

At the end of each month, review you and your staffs progress and make sure you're on track for what you've assigned to complete that month.  Be sure to set aside time each week to ensure you complete the work for each task - there is no point having these goals and not putting them into action as that isn't going to help with the growth of your business. Make sure you set deadlines and if tasks do get pushed back for whatever reason, schedule or change your approach in order to tick that next step off the list. Perseverance is the key, so keep your eye on the prize.



There is no time like the present to look to future and make a plan. So what does 2017 bring for you and your business?

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